Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday Five

Hey ladies and gentlemen. It's friday and there are somethings I am in need of, This is a list of things I want right now.

1. To leave work very early to avoid the ridiculous LA rush hour.
2. To hired at this ad agency that I had a good interview at.
3. Umm, to be able to eat only candy and never get fat or tired.
4. The democrats to get their act together and challenge the election of Satan and his minions.
5. Uh, did I already say get a full time job?

What are your Friday Five Wants or Needs?
Oh Leah, I'm feeling you on the candy and the Democrats.
It's no longer Friday, but here's what I want on Monday:

1. to go home and snack and watch the old Twilight Zone episodes i checked out of the libraray.
2. to lose 5 lbs.
3. to stop being so damn addicted to ebay ( I JUST purchased some new jeans).
4. to go on vacation and not just places for work or on faux weekend getaways! i haven't been on a real, weeklong vacation since I was a sophomore in college.
5. to skip winter and get right on with spring.

Pretty hefty order I've got there.
as for #5? just move to southern california ;)
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