Friday, November 05, 2004

Fashion Facts

Hey all, not exactly the post you would think to see from me, a self-proclaimed jeans and t-shirt girl. I mean, I feel dressed up when I don't wear jeans. But recently I have been trying to dress a little more upscale and adult-like. I have been mistaken for a 15 year old one too many times. I am making a conscious effort to look a little older, so I thought I would post a link to one of my friend's fashion articles. Here it is: Chicago fashion Trends
I think that I have learned a few things from her and my sister, but I have to watch the price tag a bit. Anyways, I just thought I would share. Who knows maybe soon I will actually be wearing make-up??

PLEASE don't wear makeup. I can't stress how sexy it is when a woman never needs makeup to look good. Nice skin and a smile is much more attractive than a woman with icing on her face. Save that for Bozo and Krusty. Now that I think of it, I've never dated a woman who wears makeup. Makes sense. I obviously hate makeup.

Another reason why you shouldn't wear makeup (guys back me up on this one), men don't like to be making out with a woman and have half of her face left on their clothes.
grant-in makeup's defense i must say that there is a right way to wear it. people often think that i dont wear makeup but in fact i do and it takes me a little while to do. its just really subtle. just to enhance things that are already there. it's like art work. a little shading here, a little accent there. just a touch can brighten things up. its always shocks me that people think i dont wear makeup.
I agree with Leah, I don't think I will be caking on any foundation any time soon...I was leaning towards a little blush, some mascara, little touches....nothing drastic!
ooooo, good convo. i must say that makeup is a state of mind. if a gal feels like she needs to wear makeup to look good and that she only looks good when wearing makeup, then we have a prob. personally, i think makeup can be can be way fun when going out or whatever and, like leah said, i totally think of it as a painter's canvas. it's goodtimes to mix eyeshadows and liners and come up with some new looks.

as far as everyday use, well makeup isn't very necessary at camp, but when home, i enjoy spanking on some concealer cuz i don't want to see my dark eye circles any more than you do!

but grant's point is very valid, nothing is more attractive than confidence and confort with one's self. however, correlation of wearing makeup and being a girl does not always imply low self-esteem :)
I agree with the gals...there is a major difference between women and girls that wear makeup because they are addicted to it and feel ugly/unpresentable,etc. without it and those who wear it because they like to but can live without it. Sometimes I make myself go without makeup just to do a reality check. Granted, I think I look better with makeup, but I'm not afraid to go out of the house without anything on. Sometimes it feels really nice and fresh just to wash my face and move on.

Steph, you have a good, classic style. I try to be fashionable from time to time (I did buy the tweed jacket!) and I have to say that it takes up too much of my time and energy. I wish I had the endurance to shop without getting annoyed at people and just grabbing a couple more black shirts because I can't deal! It is interesting, though, how you can push yourself to try new things (like colors) and leave your personal safe zone.
I probably wear the most makeup of all y'll bacause I feel weird when I go out of the house without concealer under my eyes (I LOVE to rub my eyes so I get dark circles from bruising). I never wash my face at night (i know, i know, nasty, huh?) but I don't usually wake up with crap all over my pillow so guess its' not too too much spackle...or else it wears off.

ooh, shan i never go shopping anymore...I'm obessed with buying my clothes on ebay...i'll post about this soon!
ooh ebay?? i must know more.
What are you looking for today?
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