Sunday, November 07, 2004

Cut Footloose

so i just cannot get enough of leg warmers. yes, they are making it back instyle and i am totally on the band wagon! you all know i am a sucker for the 80's so why not? i recently picked up two pairs from target and proudly sported them at camp this week where i did receive some compliments from the ladies (wahoo, down with the 12-14 year olds!).

on another note, i just had a fabulous week at camp with some amazing girls from horizon, ips' alternative middle schools for kids that have been expelled or suspended from school one too many times. shady kids you think? no way!! these girls were hype and it literally brought tears to my eyes when they left. let me just tell you how much i love my job! oh here is a link to this awesome anti war video (if i have your email address, you probably already got it) by ian rhett, so check it out!

okay one more bit.....and this is funny. so basically when you chill with a certain crew all of the time, you pick up their lingo. well i kick it with mostly black ips kids and have definitely picked up some key phrases. well this past week, i had a gal ask me if i am mixed. yes, biracial! i asked her why she asked and she goes "well, you talk like your black, so i figured you were mixed." i politely explained that yes, i speak some lingo, but blond haired, blue eyed people are most often white. step to that jenny :)

mmhmm you know i'll step. bring it on girlfriend!!!!! it's all in the nose and the lips, mmhmm.
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