Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Commit me!

Over the holiday weekend, I learned some new things about myself, one of the most important things being I have SERIOUS commitment issues. No, not like I want to kick my lovely fella to the curb (that's one leap I'm happy to be making), but just general, creeping, clammy unease when it comes to putting it all in for the long haul (and for me, the typical long haul is about 45 minutes).

Case in point: Just a few weeks ago said fella and I bought an auxiliary laundry basket to hold the bazillions of towels we seem to go through in a week's time since our regular basket was always bursting at the seams wit terrycloth goodness. So yeah, I picked up a regular white plastic basket at Target and got on with my life. Until I got home and found myself staring at it warily a few hours later. Actual thoughts that were running through my head: "Oh. my. god! I might have this laundry basket for the rest of my life! I mean, who just throws away a perfectly good laundry basket even if it's 60 years old? When I die, will my grandkids find this basket somewhere in my crowded basement filled with old towels and rags? What will it say about me? I'm not sure this particular basket can convey the complexity that is my life at 24. Am I selling myself short?" And on and on and on. And on.

Exhibit B: This is something I've done for years, but I just came to grips with it on Saturday when I made a big trip to Trader Joe's (nothing but love between me and that store. I'm ready to get married to it). I only go a few times a year since we don't have one in Bloomington, so you'd think I'd be all prepped to fill my cart Supermarket Sweeps style. Nooo. I picked up a dainty little basket even though I was fully aware that I would be buying mutiple bottles of wine and other relatively heavy items. This is recurring for me. I can't commit to the whole grocery store shopping experience and I just want to fill up a teeny tiny basket and get the hell out of there. Schlepping around a cart implies that I'm willing to invest lots of time and money at the store....it implies I'm committing to a whole shopping list and not just dashing in and out. Most of the time I end up with an overflowing basket so heavy it pulls my arm out of its socket. But that's ok, it all balances with the other arm that's getting strecthed out by a gallon of milk and a giant bottle of Gatorade. You know the ones with the handle?

I've decided these habits aren't normal. What's wrong with me? I could go on about my alarming quirks, but I've already committed waaay too much time to this whole damn post!

Monday, November 29, 2004

Holiday Musings

Thanksgiving has passed...and I'm pretty thankful for that. (Who knew I was in the mood for puns today?) It's the start of a long stretch of work (only 3 weeks!) without vacation days or breaks from scheduled programs, meetings, and appointments. But then, I can bask in the 2 week vacation I get for working with a public school. Here lies the problem: the holidays.

This Thanksgiving, I spent some time alone contemplating the nature of the universe. For all you that are married or shacking, being "alone" has an entirely different meaning. For me, that means no other person is in the space I'm in for an extended period of time. No husband, no friends, no family, period. After spending some time with family in Indy, I returned to an empty apartment on Friday night and was home alone until Sunday afternoon. When you're married, that's a pretty rare occurrence. Sleeping alone? Never really happens at this stage. So, I had some time to sit around and think about why the holidays usually make me so schizophrenic...the answer revolves around family. When you're an adult in the mid-20's, you think you are (and hopefully you are) exactly that: an adult. Have your parents caught on yet? With mine, it's questionable. I first began pondering this when bunking down with Matt in my childhood room so crammed full of crap that the bedroom door does not fully open. People still telling you what to do, micromanaging your descision to take a shower at a certian time, discussing the merits of your socks ("It's cold...don't you want warmer ones?"), and keeping an eagle eye over the portion sizes of your food. Then, there's always the tired old family politics to keep things interesting ("I can't believe Aunt Janie didn't make her jello mold this year...is she getting senile, do you think?" or "That jerk finally saw that Louise just didn't care about her kids...good thing he got custody.") Blah.

My latest holiday trauma that I'm looking forward to wading through: dividing up time amongst 2 sets of families (rah marriage!). Things look especially encouraging when everyone wants your undivided attention within a very small amount of time. I haven't really perfected my politics when it comes to dealing with the in-laws, so this year should be interesting.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

It's the Law!

If you try to steal gas in the state of Indiana, you will be cursed with a GIANT drivers license. I'm serious people; these are prominently posted at almost every gas station around. And how are you supposed to fit that in your wallet? Don't say you haven't been warned.

****UPDATE****I finally took some ooooold pictures of my camera. Lookit here! Don't forget to look at the captions because it takes forver to type those damn things in!

Have a supertastic T-givin'!

Something to be VERY thankful for

Well....I got a job!!! And not just any job. The job I really wanted. It's at an ad agency in Santa Monica called Secret Weapon Marketing (www.secretweapon.net) who has three clients. Jack in the Box restaurants, Activision Video Games and now...IKEA!! What could be more exciting for a furniture fanatic like myself? I am starting Dec. 1....and the place is like 10 minutes from my house which makes me so happy. I hate commuting. So, perhaps someday in the future you'll see IKEA ads from me!!

Secret Santa Hell

Hey all, I am about to head to work, but thought I would post about an interesting phenomenon that is occurring at many office places around the United States, SECRET SANTA. I don't know if any of you have this ugly tradition in your office place, but I sure do. For one, I work by myself about 90 percent of the time and in other people's homes, I am in my office once a week for a meeting. I don't really know my co-workers all that well. Secondly, how am I supposed to deliver one gift a week to a place I never go to?

I know, I know its supposed to be all about the holidays and the giving spirit, but I find the secret santa thing to be a pain. I really could do without the little gifts that really are not all that useful to me. I would be happy if we just had a Holiday party and all went out to eat. Ok, well that is enough of that. But do you think next year if I boycotted the whole thing I would get fired?

Hope you all have a great Turkey Day. I will be running in the Drumstick Dash in Broadripple on Thursday morning (because I am crazy) with my hubby and my dad. Then I plan on eating a whole lot!

Monday, November 22, 2004

Ponytail francaise? Mais oui!

Does everyone remember the snazzy French ponytail girls used to rock back in 4th grade? Well I'm bringin' it back. In case you're not in the know, a French pony is where you put half of your hair into a band and then add more and more, gradually securing with a hair tie. I've seen all sorts of people sporting the side pony, crimping and mullets these days so why not? Hell, I even have bangs right now. Had you told me that I'd voluntarily gotten my own forehead fringe five years ago, I probably would have curled up under the covers and whimpered like a little baby until I convinced myself it was only a nightmare.

So yeah, last Friday, a dreary, rainy and frizz-inducing day, I was putting my hair into its boring everyday low ponytail when I spied an extra hair tie just minding its own business on my bathroom counter. I don't know what posessed me to do it, but before I knew it, my hair was half up, half down and my other hand was reaching for the extra band. With the 'do fully Frenchified, I was out the door, secure in the knowledge that my hair was too bolted down to succumb to the Indiana (and Ohio and Kentucky) winds and rain I would meet that night. That's right. I not only wore this snazzy look out in public, but I took it out of state (granted this is the Midwest and people still wear scrunchies with fervor here).

I wore my getup to the Arcade Fire show (a definite concert highlight by the way. I beg you to go see them if they're in your area!) and none of the more ironic than thou hipsters mocked or pointed at me (at least to my knowledge) and my hair was back and not all up in my face obscuring my stage view. My damn bangs, on the other hand, that's another story...

Friday, November 19, 2004

Friday Five

Hey ladies and gentlemen. It's friday and there are somethings I am in need of, This is a list of things I want right now.

1. To leave work very early to avoid the ridiculous LA rush hour.
2. To hired at this ad agency that I had a good interview at.
3. Umm, to be able to eat only candy and never get fat or tired.
4. The democrats to get their act together and challenge the election of Satan and his minions.
5. Uh, did I already say get a full time job?

What are your Friday Five Wants or Needs?

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Hi, my name is Alison and I have an addiction.

So I suppose today could be dedicated to helping you help me, what with all my strange likes and unhealthy obsessions. This one has got to be the worst though. I am totally addicted to buying things on ebay. I've only been a user for about a year, and in the past I would get on every few months to look for hard-to-find gift for someone or a little something here and there. It wasn't a problem, I swear. Things got a little rocky when my old roommate Janel caught the bug and started buying all kinds of random crap from a metal Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox to an autographed photo of the original Dukes of Hazzard cast. It must of been a contagious but slow-developing sickness because my problem reached critical mass abut a month ago.

I don't buy crap and memorabilia so much as clothes and shoes. I want to justify it by noting just how good the deals I get really are (I mean, NIB––that's new in box for you uninitiated––$250 boots for $48 is a steal!) and how much I HATE shopping for business casual clothes for work (BARF!). Not to mention just how much the shopping in Bloomington is very lacking. That seems ok to me, but the buying of things I really don't need just because it seems like a good deal is totally out of control. Weighing the pros and cons has been tough for me. I love not having to go shopping and it's a fun little break at work. I love the deals I get and I ADORE getting packages in the mail. On the other hand, I have too many clothes that I don't wear to warrant this behavior and I'm wasting too much time looking at my "My ebay" section.

I need help, but I guess I'm not alone' and knowing is half the battle. Check out Addicted to Ebay Barbie and tales of horror from the guy who has an ebay addled roommate (Oh champ, please don't fall down the slippery slope I did!).

It's Official. I'm a Douche.

It's been brewing in the back of my mind every time I see a commercial for "NOW that's what I call music Vol. 76" commerical or a seizure-inducing Vh-1 new music promo. I think this guy is hot. And kind of dreamy. This guy is also Adam Levine from the craptacular band Maroon 5. I even sat through his band's insipid video where they try to do some sort of modern-day The Graduate. And I liked it. After you all stop lauging at me, please post some recommendations for nice facilites that might cure me of this ailment.

**UPDATE** For anyone who read my post about how I want to make super cool music videos, obviously Modest Mouse liked the idea of dressing up in partial animal costumes. Isaac Brock plays a dead crow in their latest, "Ocean Breathes Salty." How very Brandon Lee of him. Watch it.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Some Funny Things

Ok, so I think we need to keep blogging. I love the blog and reading all about all of your lives. Sooooo I am going to post about what's been going on this week for me. Today I took a family to a donation center where they could get clothes and some household items for free. This place is really cool, but in a very random location (the basement of an apartment building at 21st and College). Anyway, the two boys in the family got impatient for their mom, so I waited with them outside. While waiting one of the boys asked me where I got my ring and I said my husband. He said can I buy it from you. I of course said NO! He said, I want to give it to my girlfriend. Was her serious, me giving him my ring...YEAH RIGHT! So, I told him no, that was not going to happen and he was being inappropriate (that's for Alison and Shannon). He then asked if he could have my car. This kid has some issues.

But he wasn't the only one with issues today. I was at another client's house today and sitting on the floor (because she has only her bed as furniture) and her 2 year old son was running around. All of a sudden he ran over to me and bit me on my shoulder. I mean he broke the skin though my shirt. My client (his mom) of course did nothing, so I picked him up and sat him on his kid-sized Sponge Bob chair and told him to stay there. He then ran over and bit his mom, who of course screamed at him. Basically it was so awesome and I wished I would have stayed there all day. Or something

Last, but not least. Paul and I are celebrating our year anniversary this weekend the actual date isn't until next Monday, but we are celebrating early with a hotel downtown and dinner out. "They" say the first year is the hardest, so if that's true, the rest of the years shouldn't be too bad.

Saturday, November 13, 2004


The other day Alison, Shannon, and I were talking about what to blog about after the horrible event that has occurred in all of our lives. All of us who knew Kate loved her and this is such a tragic thing to happen to someone. I believe if nothing else, we will all treat our lives with a little more respect. I know this has made me think of my life as more precious and same with the lives of all of my friends and family. I am going to work to be a better person in all aspects of my life. I want to live in the moment more. Anyways, I don't have much more to say, so I will end now.

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Meixican Food: My obsession

Now, I know I am not alone on this blog when I say I love mexican food. I absolutely cannot live without it. Right now I am currently munching on some bean dip for lunch. At least two times a week Paul and I make mexican at home and usually about one time a week I eat Qdoba. I mean I could mexican food every day and never have enough. I am worried though...what if one day in the distant future when I am pregnant I won't be able to eat mexican food (if it makes me sick) I think I will go through a major withdrawl! I just wanted to post about how goooooood mexican food is. There is nothing bad about beans, chips, cheese, salsa, and lets not forget the margaritas as well!

Monday, November 08, 2004


Ps-I finally posted a couple more times at LA Kitchen. I have been so lazy/busy!
Happy monday ladies. and gentlemen.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

Cut Footloose

so i just cannot get enough of leg warmers. yes, they are making it back instyle and i am totally on the band wagon! you all know i am a sucker for the 80's so why not? i recently picked up two pairs from target and proudly sported them at camp this week where i did receive some compliments from the ladies (wahoo, down with the 12-14 year olds!).

on another note, i just had a fabulous week at camp with some amazing girls from horizon, ips' alternative middle schools for kids that have been expelled or suspended from school one too many times. shady kids you think? no way!! these girls were hype and it literally brought tears to my eyes when they left. let me just tell you how much i love my job! oh here is a link to this awesome anti war video (if i have your email address, you probably already got it) by ian rhett, so check it out!

okay one more bit.....and this is funny. so basically when you chill with a certain crew all of the time, you pick up their lingo. well i kick it with mostly black ips kids and have definitely picked up some key phrases. well this past week, i had a gal ask me if i am mixed. yes, biracial! i asked her why she asked and she goes "well, you talk like your black, so i figured you were mixed." i politely explained that yes, i speak some lingo, but blond haired, blue eyed people are most often white. step to that jenny :)

Friday, November 05, 2004

Fashion Facts

Hey all, not exactly the post you would think to see from me, a self-proclaimed jeans and t-shirt girl. I mean, I feel dressed up when I don't wear jeans. But recently I have been trying to dress a little more upscale and adult-like. I have been mistaken for a 15 year old one too many times. I am making a conscious effort to look a little older, so I thought I would post a link to one of my friend's fashion articles. Here it is: Chicago fashion Trends
I think that I have learned a few things from her and my sister, but I have to watch the price tag a bit. Anyways, I just thought I would share. Who knows maybe soon I will actually be wearing make-up??

Thursday, November 04, 2004

What's this all aboot?

Seeing as how Grant wants to charge waaaay to much for our arranged marriage, I think I'll go this route.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Hello, neighbors to the north!

Find out if you can haul ass to Canada and be recognized as askilled worker.

Kerry Concedes

Despite all efforts, Bush will be our president for another four long years. I wonder what will happen...

Also, I'm very disappointed in the low youth turn out this year. They were handed information on their right to vote and its impact on a silver platter, but no one can seem to figure out how to make teenagers and youg adults care. Fuck it, I'm going to be 26 in a year, so I almost hope Bush does order up a draft so these kids will finally have to wake up and care about something. I know I'm being a little reactionary but how hard is it to chose a candidate and pull a little lever. It's like a video game, only a lot easier.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Votin' Time

Well, I am sure all of you socially responsible ladies voted today. I sure did. I waited about 1/2 hour in Zionsville, but Paul who went at 6:45am waited almost an hour, those who work regular hours were all there. Anyways, while in line a man loudly blurted out to his friend..."I don't think anyone here in Zionsville is actually voting for Kerry..." I just gave him a look like you can't intimidate me, you idiot. I mean seriously you are at the polls voting, no need to make nasty comments, just let everyone place their vote and be on their way. I did get bombarded by a "My Man Mitch" advocate on my way in, but since it was raining I just jogged on by and pretended I didn't hear him. Hope you all had a good election day.

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