Friday, October 01, 2004

Won't you take me to BloggyTown?

What's happenin' hot stuffs? I'm finally reentering the computer age with my new Mac daddy, and I've missed you all so much! Not too much is new except my completely rebuilt transmission. If they ever decide to make Money Pit 2: Moneysucker on Wheels, it should definitely be about my car. But I'd only be in it if the director promised that long-haired European symphony guy (Gus? G√ľnter?) would be my hot love interest and we could fog up the back window of the Passport and my sweaty handprint up against the glass all Titanic style would be all that was left of our magical union.

Anyway, speaking of hot love interests, it's Ole Macky's 25th birthday today. Lazy took the day off work so he may not be checking his blog, but stop on by to wish him a good one if you want. If any of you are coming to the birthday party this weekend, I can't wait to see you!

Speaking of getting older, I was driving near campus yesterday and saw this really fly fella running on the side of the road. I was all, "ooooh, look at that sexy man. I bet he's a senior!" like he was all mature looking. Then I realized it's been about three years since I was done with college and I'm tuning into one of those women who ogles younger guys. Not that I think there's anything wrong with that....guys do it all the time (to young women I mean). It just felt kind of sad the first time because if I stay in a college town much longer I might just turn into Matthew McNakedBongos from Dazed and Confused. "College boys. I keep getting older and they stay the same age."

Yeah, and those debates? What an, um....throwdown? Was I the only one who thought Bush seemed a little Teddy Ruxpinesque. He'd just lost his train of thought and stop until the troll under the podium whacked him in the knees and the tape in his back kept on rollin'. "Girl you know it's.....Girl you know it's......Girl you know it's true!"

Finally, here's a bananas link from the Black Table: Who's worse Midwesterners or the Middle East. I can laugh because I own my Indiana-bred crackerness!

What up Funktown! So glad you are back. Things were not going well without you to keep us going.. Have a fab party tonight. I'll call to wish the suspenders a happy bday. I am at work and about peed my pants about Teddy Ruxpin. I totally had one of those. Didn't it wear a red tshirt?
In other news, I witnessed a large animated hot dog statue on top of a restaraunt yesterday. A burger, sans bun, was also on the scene dancing a jig with the jovial hot dog. Made my day and a lady in a car behind me was going ballistic because I basically stopped traffic to gawk at the wonder of "food-life."
Alison, It is sooooo good to have you back. you are really the 1's and 0's that hold this little weblog together. (john would be proud of my for that binary humor--or computer humer i suppose). at any rate, i look forward to many fruitful hours of blogging to come. im on the computer ALL the time that im not at work at my new hostess job. Im looking for a job in advertising pretty hardcore but nothing happens instantaneously. Cant wait to open the discourse will all of the ladies. I love teddy ruxbin.
I loved Teddy Ruxpin too. People used to make fun of me in grade school, calling me Teddy Ruxpin and trying to shove tapes down the back of my shirt (tears of sad memories are welling up in my eyes). I'll be checking with ya'll at Paper Thin more these daze. I'm chilling in Jackson now (Mountains Bithces!) and got a PT job at the library, so I'll have plenty of down time behind a computer. Hope you ladies are doing well. Love ya'lls!
I loathe car problems. Congrats on your Mac!
Oh thank you! Alison + new Mac = true love 4-eva!
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