Thursday, October 21, 2004

Trials and Tribulations

Hey ladies, I haven't posted in awhile...So here's what's going on in my exciting life...I returned from Florida tanned and relaxed only to have to get up at 6am to walk the dog and go to work on Tuesday morning in the cold and rain-yuck. But I did have a great time in Florida and even though I have offered my parents many times to be their full time care taker, they just won't take me up on it. Paul has mid-terms this week, which means its 24 hour quiet time at our house...Which is no fun!

Oh yeah a weird thing happened yesterday, I came home from work and was getting ready to take Juno (the dog) out when I noticed many things around the house in disarray. The throw blanket on the chair in our study room was on the floor, the trash can was knocked over, my hair rubber bands were strewn about the house, and a plant was on its side! My first thought was that the same Fed Ex guy that attacked Shannons house must have been transferred to my area, but how was the mess upstairs? So I started looking around the house and I found the culprit--my little kitty Max. He must have gotten ahold of some caffeine (because normally he moves from the bed, to his food, to the bed and so on). The little guy was having some fun while I was gone...If only I had a camera in my house and could have seen it. Wouldn't it be great to see what your pets do all day when we are gone...??

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