Sunday, October 31, 2004

Somethings to Cuss About

So, this week had some firsts for me: I had to fire 2 people in 2 days, and I got cussed out 2 times in 2 days (by the same person). Fun, eh? One of the firings was pretty painless, because the guy deserved it and he didn't really care. Fine, no scars there. The other guy...whoah. I have never been cursed at so much in my entire life. The guy is totally insane (I am not joking) and just couldn't handle a few things: 1. I am 20 some years younger than he is and I am his "boss" 2. his "artistic" = "unrealistic" goals were not part of my every waking thought and concern 3. I told him to shut up and get out of my face. Here's my question: how mental do you have to be to curse me out and yell in front of a whole bunch of Kindergarteners in Halloween costumes? Needless to say, there were some tummy aches brought on by all the stress and sweet snacks!

So, I thought I would be shaken and vulnerable after being treated this way. No one has ever stuck his finger 2 inches from my face while spewing profanities at me. This girl didn't take it for a minute-- I stood up for myself like a champ and told him very firmly that he was not expressing himself to me with professionalism and respect. Take a hike (and you're crazy). The only bad thing is that this guy may come back to my job just to keep the fight going. He really likes to argue. Sigh.

Today I went to brunch with a friend. We chose a rather froofy place- named "She-She" to be exact- and the service was terrible! I ordered cold food - lox, bagel, etc. and it took 40 minutes. No apology, no "your food will be here next century, I promise", no refills on beverages, even! I would not have picked this chow spot, but whatever. I just can't stand it when a restaurant and wait staff wants to be all upper crust and instead of giving great, unique service, they treat you like crap. No thanks, janks! Much rather eat Chez Matt.

I just got a new cell phone and I have to read the manual to understand how to do basically everything. Just the way I want to spend my precious time. I could be gulping down Halloween candy by the mouthful, you see. Don't distract me from that! Who cares that Matt and I totally boycotted (more like forgot) about Halloween and basically refused to socialize with anyone this weekend. We went and saw Ray instead, which is a totally awesome flick and I recommend it to anyone, especially those that dig his music.

Ummm, what else... I'm obsessed with place mats. Go figure. Happy Candy!

dang shan, that's scary that some dude went postal when you had to give him the axe! yuck, people are really crazy, i tell you, nuts....but kudos on sticking to your guns and not taking his abusive crap!

also, i just saw the movie ray today and it does rock the house. it seems to be very real and not some flowery portrayal of his rise to fame. i also enjoy getting an idea of what the atmosphere was like when he wrote his tunes. nice.....
Did you forgetting about Halloween have any impact on you getting all super-psyched for the holidays?
Shan-Sorry you had to deal with that...ugh people cussing at you is no fun. we didn't celebrate Halloween unless you call eating a lot of candy that we bought ourselves celebrating.
so you when fired him, did you say, "i'm sorry, but i'm going to have to give you the boot?" :) anyway what a clown for going all crazy on you. hey, who's going to be around for thanksgiving? i'm coming home the tuesday before, we'll have to have a crew's night out.
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