Thursday, October 14, 2004

Pleaser from the Freezer

After picking up my cat Harvey from the vet last night after his little "snip snip" operation (Mike, did you give him his pain medication this morning?), I started to think about one of my favorite sites, Don't worry, it's not gross or cruel; it's just the strange and funny tale of the man who had to give his surly cat Fred an enema at home. Complete with crayon drawings!
Yes dear, I gave him his kitty crack. The cat officially "Don't know where he at."
Is this a friend for otis that i havent heard about??
Yes! Harvey (Kitel as we call him sometimes)...because he is naked all the time, is a new pal for Otis. Sometime they spoon and it's so cute I almost have a conniption fit.
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