Friday, October 29, 2004


Can we lose the vomit? It makes me not want to look at the blog.

In other news, I got a job at Paper Source in Beverly Hills ( which im really excited about. It'll be great during the holidays and a good place to hang out while I wait to hear about a job in advertising. These things can take months! I think I'll even be teaching a class there in making paper handbags to give gifts in. Im WAY too excited.

Leah, I looked at your job's site....they have some cool stuff! Congrats on the new job. What will you be doing there?
ill just be doing sales but apparently that consists of helping people who are making invitations themselves to pick out things that will go and how much theyll need of this or that. i made EVERYTHING at my wedding including invites etc with paper source stuff
its soooooo cheap and amazing.
yeah, Leah! I love the paper source. I have spent several hours in there just contemplating all the stuff I could do with paper. Too cool!
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