Thursday, October 21, 2004

Oh My Lawd

All I have to say is that life right now is hectic, hectic and more hectic. But, here are some things I've had rolling around in my dome (hi teddy!) for a few days...

So, I swim laps at the park district now. It's the most enjoyable form of exercise I have ever taken up, and I think I may stick with it for awhile. But, one factor that I have not had to deal with previously= naked people! The locker room at the pool freaks me out. Some gals just get naked and pretty much do everything they possibly can before putting on clothes. Gak. I seriously hide from them. Up until Tuesday, I showered with my suit on and kept the naked time to an absolute minimum. Then, I suddenly came to the realization that my skin will dry up and fall off if I don't take a real shower and get all the chlorine off my bod and hair...Especially with winter coming. So, I went for the naked shower. Not as traumatizing as I thought it would be, but the walk back to the locker without the towel is a little sketchy. Next thing you know I'll be doing household chores in the nude as well.

Just a word about love and romance... I know 3 people that have become engaged in the past 2 months. What's up with that? I guess this just starts happening when you hit the 24/25 age mark. I don't know if I can handle all the emotions..I get way too excited for people when stuff like this happens. And, I keep changing my mind about who gets my stash of wedding magazines, etc. We all are going to get married at some point, I guess. It's fun and bittersweet to see friends start to go through this process.
Happy Weekend! I have relatives coming so it's time to clean the the nude!

Ah yes, the naked lockeroom what-have-you. I can assure you that the men's lockeroom is much much worse. Nobody wants to see a 60 year-old man with hair in his ears walk around in with his chonson dangling to and fro.

I wish Ronen would read this post so that he could recount his infamous story of once sharing a naked lockeroom shower with the one and only Mr. Rogers. I shit you not. Truly one for the memoirs.
Ahh, naked times! When I was a member of the Y, there was this lady who always went to work out at the same time and every day, she would stand naked in front of the full length mirror and blow dry her hair and everyone got a double dose of the nakedness. Why why why! Can't you just put on some underwear when you do that if you think the whole clothes thing is going to make you too hot. I don't like to be fully dressed when I dry my hair in the morning because it makes me all sweaty, but I'll put on a bra and some underwear even though I'm alone in the bathroom. I def. feel you on this one, Shan.
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