Wednesday, October 13, 2004

My my pants

Even though Theo from 1.21 Gigawatts will forever extoll the goodness of Victoria's Secret "pahhnties for noine nointey-noine," I've been tempted by the fruit of another....and it's not "of the loom" (HAHA, I crack myself right UP). But seriously folks, I've just gotten myself into a new relationship with Banana Republic underwear, and I gotta say it's going great so far. It's early and I want to take things slow this time, so we're not monogamous yet....but cross your fingers because things look promising.

I bought this pair of crimson with cream lace panties from their website about two months ago. They were on sale and I was already getting something else, so I decided to pick up the little darlings on a whim. Up until last week, they sat in my top dresser drawer forlorn and unworn. I just couldn't bring myself to wear them on any ordinary day. Come on, they're fancy pants! Finally last week I decided to hell with it and wore them on a ugh Wednesday or something. Oh my God! They are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! The cotton is so fine and soft and the elastic isn't too tight or thick or loose or anything. And somehow, even though they're full-bottomed and the leg openings are adorned with lace, they didn't create ANY pantylines. I want to shout from the hilltops, "I LOVE THIS UNDERWEAR.....STELLLA!!!!"

So I have on the matching bra today, and I don't want to speak too soon and freak BR out and ruin everything, but I think this could be the one!
uh oh--i may have to give these a go!!im usually a thong girl but i need a few pairs to cover my ass. you know, for sexy days like when I have to wear a pantyliner and things. (oops--i bet this will be the last time anyone at the watts checks THIS blog)
Those are seriously adorable! It is so key to find the full coverage panty that actually STAYS IN PLACE. You all know how hard that is...because I at least have one day a week when I just don't feel like flossing my ass all day long, ya dig? Sorry for the mental image...
Ali, I might have to invest in a pair of those, as I refuse to floss my booty as Shan put it, when most of my clients don't even bother to shower for like 3 days when I see them. I love full butt coverage!
Cute panties. I'd be happy to find like to find pretty ones like those in my travels of the nether-regions.
I see you ladies are getting older, switching from sexy thongs to "full coverage" granny panties. Hmmm...I hope your husbands and significant others don't mind. And yes Leah, talk of Aunt Flow may hinder my regular stop ins at Paper Thin Wallz. But seriously, I love periods. At least your not pregnant!
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