Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Leah turns up the heat

Fellow blogger Leah, has created her own cooking site, l.a. kitchen, where she will write about her favorite recipes, snacks and other kitchenesque stuff. Knowing lil Leah, it will be quite a fun, informative and cuuuute site!
Cool site Leah, maybe it will teach Alison a few things (nudge).

Also, how is it that Leah has pix up on her site, but Paper-thin Jank can't get photos all up in it?
thanks mike. i am using imageshack.us for hosting pix highly recommend it. "hello" is ok for simple posts with a picture followed by a caption etc but for adding pics to the template imageshack superior. (in fact you cant use Hello for that purpose)
Yay leah! I love this site. Can we make requests for cooking ideas and stuff?
sure you can make requests. ill do my best to address them all!
Super! There's this shady sounding dish that hails from rural Pennsylvania called SCRAPPLE. I want you to make that and post pictures of you and John having it for dinner with a side of Frito pie.

BTW, I love the picture of the timer on your banner. Did you take it?
i DID take it. thanks!!
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