Thursday, October 21, 2004

Just Another Day in Paradise

So today is turing out to be a Phil Collins kind of day. I was just on my way to the bank listening to the sweet, sweet sounds of Phil Collins and Philip Bailey (talk about a PHIL-harmonic! Badoom, boom, CRASH!) when I saw this guy walking into his apartment (Terra Trace, no less) doing some air drumming. And it uncannily matched the crushing intro to 'Easy Lover.' Totally made my day! Maybe I'll cruise around the area listening to 'In the Air Tonight' on full blast with my windows down and he'll rush out onto his balcony and drum right along when Phil kicks it up a notch. No Jacket Required, indeed!

Ha! When I did a Google image search using the term Easy Lover, this is the picture that came up. What a slutty cat. Actually, it's a bengal and looks a lot like my little darlin' Harvey. Mmm, I smell pedigree!
Anyway, here's to add to the Phil Collinsness of my life these days. When I drive around I like to listen to music like any other person. Since I'm often in the car for long time periods I like to make up videos for the songs I'm listening to. So yesterday I was listening to Ben Gibbard/the Postal Service cover 'Against All Odds'.....SUPER cheesy, but waaay better than Mariah Carey, which...duh. So I decided that a cool video would be to have an old lady visiting her dead husband's grave and, you know, mouthing along to the song at KEY parts like "You're the only one who really knew me at all." Then she'd go home and be all sad and shit. THEN when the Timbaland-esque beats kick in, his (the husband's, not Timbaland's) hand could thrust out of the ground and he could start to unbury himself and drag himself back to their house where she'd be all reminiscing/doing old lady stuff. Ok, so in the song there's this creepy music at the end that kind of sounds like a music box. She could turn on a music box and go to bed and as the music winds down the last shot could be the husband's dripping silhouette in her doorway (of course it would totally be raining outside). It'd be unsettling and touching all at once! I probably only thought of this because I'm a little overjazzed that Dawn of the Dead comes out on DVD NEXT WEEK and no one else is here at work, so I have a lot of time to goof off. But who thinks I should pitch this to Big Ben? I do!

Also, how awesome would it be if you had a band do a video where they were all animal mascots of some sort? You could see them getting off their day jobs at Chuck E. Cheese (Rock-A-Fire Explosion, baby!), some minor league hockey team, Six Flags, public access TV etc. etc. to get toegther to play. But they'd leave some element of their costumes on like one would have his dinosaur head still on and the drummer could whip his sticks right out of his kangaroo pouch and go to town. I would so watch that video! Music videos are so great because they're like that perfect form of literature, short stories. You have to tell a simple yet meaningful story in a very limited period of time. Somebody has to start making good ones again!
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