Thursday, October 14, 2004

I Want My Baby Back

After years of spending ridiculous amounts of cash on shower gels and body lotions, I have discovered the most incredible lotion I've ever used. And at $1.37 a bottle, you can slather it on as liberally as you wish. So here it is: Target brand baby lotion. I prefer the night time blend ("helps fussy babies to relax") lavendar and chamomile scent. I just used it this morning for the first time, and shazam...if I do say so myself, my skin has never been softer (or smelled better!). I was giving Gavin, the 7 mo. old I take care of, a bath a week ago and used some of his lavendar and chamomile bath foam (remember Funny Color Foam Soap?!) and just loved the scent so much. When we move into a house and I get to start maxin out relaxin in the bath tub again, you can bet I'll be picking some of that jazz up as well. Happy rubbin'!

Jenny, I am also a HUGE fan of the Target baby products. I use the baby body wash as hand soap and in the shower as well. It's super cheap and smells good...lasts forever, too. I'm glad to hear about the lavender products..I was always a little afraid to try in case it smelled too baby. I use the regular, which smells like the Johnson and Johnson No More Tears shampoo. It's kind of like reliving your childhood for 5 minutes. I always stop and smell the soap when I wash my hands and it makes me feel good. Or am I just weird?
I too love good-smellin' soap and always stop to smell my hands after I've just warshed them. My personal favorite is the softsoap kids aquarium-style scent. It smells like candy. It reminds me of sparklerush toothpaste, which I used to use up until about a year and a half ago.
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