Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hip 2B Keds

Today on my walk to class (for a test of writing endurance also known as my ethics midterm), I noticed a very peculiarly dressed fellow. Everything was typical but the shoes...jeans, a brown button down shirt, longish hair...and Keds. Not sneakers-Keds, but the horrendous laceless slipon Keds (note: if you're having trouble remembering what those even look like, refer to shoe # 38875). They were navy blue and had some sort of white pattern on them. Huh. Maybe he's trying to rock a new trend (anyone remember Tretorns?).

Another funny thing I saw was a ghettofied tampon/pad machine in the ladies' bathroom at the library. The machine had a little sign on it that said "Fifty Cent." Why not just take it a step further and put Fitty Cent? Anyway, it's the little things...
hey can anyone help me post pictures on my posts...I used to be able to and now I am not sure whats going on...
they were probably vans? i actually really want a pair but they a little on the out side of trendy right now....decisions decisions,
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