Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey crew! So through some miracle of Indianapolis Public Schools, I am not at camp at all this week, which is ab fab. This gives me plenty of time to chill, esp with my friend Rachael who is visiting from London. Shockingly enough, I haven't any hilarious stories, so instead I will pull a Shan and make some lists.

Cheddar Cheese and Pretzel Combos
Falling Leaves
La Croix, orange flavored sparkling water
My cat, Fella
This Ben Gibbard CD where he recorded some tunes on a Walkman
Bringing back "top fives"

What bugs:
My bangs
My stepmom, Joan
Totino's Party Pizza, and my mom just bought five more

I do have a little info to share....some backyard news, I suppose. My cat is once again lifting his front left paw when outside and limping on three legs, as though he is a gimp. I have discerned that he does this only when it is cold out, since it began in the spring, subsided during the summer, and is back in the habit as of now. Also, I went apple picking a few weeks ago and am keeping the apples outside. The woodland creatures are way stoked and are nabbing apples left and right....it's cool, though. I applaud their smarts.

yay Jennie Nye! I hope you had a nice birthday. I miss ya! Lists are totally the way to go, I think. It gives us a nice, readable version of what's up with you. I concur- bring back the friday five!

How is americorps going? give us a post.
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