Thursday, October 14, 2004

Fit to be Tied

So during last night's debate Bush and Kerry had on the same tie, right? Quelle horreur!
I noticed that too, doesn't someone check to see what color tie they are each wearing before going on air? I mean there must be some intern with that job.
so funny because i dont have a TV so i listen to the debates on my computer via NPR. i had no idea they were wearing the same tie. they could have been in their pajamas for all i knew! did you see the story a while back about how teresa heintz kerry and laura bush were basically wearing the same SUIT at the first debate??
It's amazing the amount of planning goes into what tie the candidates will wear, and yes, some intern somewhere, got a stern talking to.

Leah, for future reference on all things political, CSPAN was streaming the video on the web last night for the debate in case you wanna see it ever.

I'm anxious to hear how Jenny's experience in AZ with all the debate debauchery went.
I saw the wives in the matching pastel suits. Faux Pas all over the place!! I just want the stupid election to be here...
I want to know why the networks have to broadcast from outside the venue and turn the debates into somekind of ESPN College Football show with a bunch of rowdy drunkards screaming at every oppurtunity.
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