Thursday, October 28, 2004

Don't go in the basement!

Since Halloween is almost upon us (ooo! my favorite holiday!!!!), here is a list of the Top 100 Scariest Movie Scenes Evah! It's a good and comprehensive collection that cites scenes that range from the ear-slicing scene in "Reservoir Dogs" to the scary dead twins in "The Shining." Retrocrush manages to mix in some humor as well. He writes of the 1980 movie "Zombie":

"A woman is hiding behind a door as an undead dude is trying to get at her.  After he busts through the door, he grabs her by the hair and slowly drags her eyeball into a shard of wood sticking out. 

Some felt this was a bizarre tribute to Sandy Duncan.  But those people are mostly insane."

Oh, and by the way, saw the director's cut of "Dawn of the Dead" with the deleted scenes and added footage. So. Very. Lame.

I will attest that the so called 'Bonus Features' were anything but "Dude... BONUS!!!" They were made with shitty little handycams, and had an eerie employment-training kind of quality about them. Truly frightening.
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