Monday, October 11, 2004

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta...

Hey yo! Sorry it's been a while with the posts and all....I started my service at Peace Camp (whoo whoo) and it's been a trip. We've had two sessions total and each group has been totally different than the other! The first crew was low key and dtc, but the second group had more flavor. The ladies had actually planned a dance for the party on the second night where they stripped from their outer wear sweatsuits to their part clothes underneath!! Keep in mind that these are sixth graders! We also had convos about oral sex and pregnancy, among other things, so I now know why people say "back in my day, when things were much simpler.....". But overall I love camp and getting to hike around, build some fires, roast some marshmallows, do hilarious skits, and call this my jobski.

In more exciting news, I took the LSAT last week and feel nothing but relief! I am actually pumped to do some applying for grad/law school and have a change of pace!

Yes, I also received some great news from my doc, my ankle is indeed sprained and not fractured, so I do not have to sport a boot for a month. I must say that I liked the idea and hilarity of the boot, but practically, it would not cut the mustard.

Okay, that is most of my update! Sorry I don't have any great stories to share.....hmmmm.....I did win a sack full of goodies as a raffle prize at this Americorps convention that contained a cd case and traveling beverage mug. Yummy!

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