Saturday, October 23, 2004

Crazy Fan

I had an unusual experience today (well sort of unusual). I was watching my brother Will play tennis today for the State Finals. I had a front row seat and it was a great match. Will lost the first set and then was down in the second set and came back from 5-2 and won the second set. He lost the third set unfortunately, but it was not for a lack of effort. But as I was saying...I am normally an average fan, you know, sitting, cheering when appropriate, etc. For some reason the fans from the other team (which will remain nameless...big public high school on northside) were being a little obnoxious with their comments about my brother and his partner. So, I got protective of my little bro and when one of them yelled something to the effect of how my brother and his partner were never going to win, I told them to shut up., very loudly. I mean, I am 24 (which is considered an adult) and here I am yelling like a pyscho at these high school boys. I proceeded to yell and cheer for my brother and his partner loudly the rest of the match until my voice was scratchy. I told Paul that for sure I was going to that CRAZY mom who when their kid fell down during a soccer game, would yell at them to get up and shake it off. It is for sure that I come from a very competitive family, but I never thought I was that competitive, unfortunately today I became one of those crazy fans.

Hehe Stephie! I can just see you freaking out like that. I am pretty defensive of my brothers as well, so I understand your desire to kick some ass. You are totally a soccer mom in training!
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