Thursday, October 28, 2004

Can I list things too?

Well in the spirit of Shan and Jennie I will do some lists as well....

My top 5 favorite things at this moment:
1. A nice "fun size" candy bar
2. Thursday nights, its almost Friday
3. Having my 7:00pm appointment cancel and I get to go home and have dinner with Paul
4. Kids wearing their Halloween costumes like 2 weeks before Halloween
5. Calling my voicemail for work and having no messages!!

My top 5 least favorite things at this moment:
1. My car smelling really bad and not being able to find the source
2. Getting paged for work
3. Too many "fun size" candy bars at once (I just can't stop)
4. When on a walk with my dog and she does her business in someone's yard and they see her and I forgot a bag!
5. My TV remote not working and The Tony Danza Show is on

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