Thursday, October 14, 2004

Alicat, You're Famous

I had a dream last night that Alison wrote a novel called "Anything Goes" (unfortunately, that title is already taken...but in the dream, this was Alison's second choice title anyway). It was the weirdest thing because in the dream, I was reading her book (and I really liked it) as though it really existed. It never ceases to amaze me what your brain can do while you're sleeping. Dream up the book that'll make Alison famous? Sure...give me one night. The only detail that I can remember is that there was a line referring to ol' Pat Flaherty! Can't say I've thought about him recently...say, for about 5 who knows how he ended up in my dream. Weird!
Well that's better than the dream you had where my apartment was on fire. That was just creepy, especially since I'd had the same dream the night before.

It's funny that you mention Pat. Nye and I ran into him in Broad Ripple a while ago. He seems to be doing well. How random.
yeah alison i think we have a special're my lil dream weaver. you better go get started on that book now, slugger.
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