Sunday, October 31, 2004

Somethings to Cuss About

So, this week had some firsts for me: I had to fire 2 people in 2 days, and I got cussed out 2 times in 2 days (by the same person). Fun, eh? One of the firings was pretty painless, because the guy deserved it and he didn't really care. Fine, no scars there. The other guy...whoah. I have never been cursed at so much in my entire life. The guy is totally insane (I am not joking) and just couldn't handle a few things: 1. I am 20 some years younger than he is and I am his "boss" 2. his "artistic" = "unrealistic" goals were not part of my every waking thought and concern 3. I told him to shut up and get out of my face. Here's my question: how mental do you have to be to curse me out and yell in front of a whole bunch of Kindergarteners in Halloween costumes? Needless to say, there were some tummy aches brought on by all the stress and sweet snacks!

So, I thought I would be shaken and vulnerable after being treated this way. No one has ever stuck his finger 2 inches from my face while spewing profanities at me. This girl didn't take it for a minute-- I stood up for myself like a champ and told him very firmly that he was not expressing himself to me with professionalism and respect. Take a hike (and you're crazy). The only bad thing is that this guy may come back to my job just to keep the fight going. He really likes to argue. Sigh.

Today I went to brunch with a friend. We chose a rather froofy place- named "She-She" to be exact- and the service was terrible! I ordered cold food - lox, bagel, etc. and it took 40 minutes. No apology, no "your food will be here next century, I promise", no refills on beverages, even! I would not have picked this chow spot, but whatever. I just can't stand it when a restaurant and wait staff wants to be all upper crust and instead of giving great, unique service, they treat you like crap. No thanks, janks! Much rather eat Chez Matt.

I just got a new cell phone and I have to read the manual to understand how to do basically everything. Just the way I want to spend my precious time. I could be gulping down Halloween candy by the mouthful, you see. Don't distract me from that! Who cares that Matt and I totally boycotted (more like forgot) about Halloween and basically refused to socialize with anyone this weekend. We went and saw Ray instead, which is a totally awesome flick and I recommend it to anyone, especially those that dig his music.

Ummm, what else... I'm obsessed with place mats. Go figure. Happy Candy!

Friday, October 29, 2004

Senor Richardson

I'm officially in my first week of grad school hell. Up til now it really hasn't been that bad, busy but we're almost done with midterms. You'd think, wahoo! but no, they're not the worst part...the worst part is all the upcoming projects. Apply what I've learned? I pass. It's definitely better than college b/c I can see how the info is helpful (mostly, anyway), but that doesn't exactly make it fun. Grr. And I had to pay $257 to put a new starter in the Camry...that car is about to get the boot. Sorry to bitch bitch are some good things too so I don't sound like a complete grinch...the Red Sox won the World Series, yay for that! And this gal in my cohort went to prom with their catcher, Jason Varitek. Funny! The weather is absolutely amazing...high 60s to low 70s, sunny and blue skies. That's what I'm talking about. You know those random October days in the midwest where all you want to do is traipse around outside and play frisbee or hike around? That's what every day is like here. I *Heart* Arizona! Another fun thing is my Dad and Grandpa get here tomorrow to look at houses. What I'm most excited about it going to dinner at this supposedly amazing Mexican restaurant (ironically, it's called Richardson's) that Bush ate at while he was here (too bad he didn't have an allergic reaction to the spices or something). MMmmmmmmmm Mexican. Get in my belly.

Eeek! It's the Bride of Skankenstine

In case any of you are having trouble coming up with a Halloween costume. Here's a last minute idea from Stereogum, why not go at newlyweds Brit and Kevvie? Anyone who's already showered today has to unfortunately be disqualified.

Is anyone dressing up? As what? If you do, take picture so we can post them! I had a few too many last night (drinks as well as Oreos) so I don't think I'll be raging, but I am dressing up as Rainbow Brite. Should be goodtimes.


Can we lose the vomit? It makes me not want to look at the blog.

In other news, I got a job at Paper Source in Beverly Hills ( which im really excited about. It'll be great during the holidays and a good place to hang out while I wait to hear about a job in advertising. These things can take months! I think I'll even be teaching a class there in making paper handbags to give gifts in. Im WAY too excited.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

I think I'm done

Mike here again, writing from Alison's post. I think this redesign is pretty much done. Ali came up with the banner and backgrounds and pretty much all the art on here. I just plugged it in a changed a few things. I hope you gals like it.


Don't go in the basement!

Since Halloween is almost upon us (ooo! my favorite holiday!!!!), here is a list of the Top 100 Scariest Movie Scenes Evah! It's a good and comprehensive collection that cites scenes that range from the ear-slicing scene in "Reservoir Dogs" to the scary dead twins in "The Shining." Retrocrush manages to mix in some humor as well. He writes of the 1980 movie "Zombie":

"A woman is hiding behind a door as an undead dude is trying to get at her.  After he busts through the door, he grabs her by the hair and slowly drags her eyeball into a shard of wood sticking out. 

Some felt this was a bizarre tribute to Sandy Duncan.  But those people are mostly insane."

Oh, and by the way, saw the director's cut of "Dawn of the Dead" with the deleted scenes and added footage. So. Very. Lame.

Can I list things too?

Well in the spirit of Shan and Jennie I will do some lists as well....

My top 5 favorite things at this moment:
1. A nice "fun size" candy bar
2. Thursday nights, its almost Friday
3. Having my 7:00pm appointment cancel and I get to go home and have dinner with Paul
4. Kids wearing their Halloween costumes like 2 weeks before Halloween
5. Calling my voicemail for work and having no messages!!

My top 5 least favorite things at this moment:
1. My car smelling really bad and not being able to find the source
2. Getting paged for work
3. Too many "fun size" candy bars at once (I just can't stop)
4. When on a walk with my dog and she does her business in someone's yard and they see her and I forgot a bag!
5. My TV remote not working and The Tony Danza Show is on

I can't even muster Top 5

But here are the top things that are bugging me right now:
1.Waiting for people that I've interviewed with to get back to me.
2.Something bugging my stomach but I can't figure out what it is.
3.The fact that every damn person around is sick and I'm trying EVERYTHING to stay healthy.
4.There is no one that can cover for me at work since I'm the only daytime hostess.
5.Wanting a job so bad and knowing that it seems impossible to get something when you want it that badly.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Under Construction

Hey All, at the request of Madam Alison this site is officially under reconstruction. I'll be messing with the look of it over the next few days. Feel free to make comments or suggestions for how you would like it to look, and say bye bye to the generic Blogger template.

UPDATE: Ok, here is the basic layout that I came up with, along with the jacky little logo that I created. Thoughts? Do you all hate me for messing with Blogger template perfection?

--Mike (aka Ole Macky)

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

Hey crew! So through some miracle of Indianapolis Public Schools, I am not at camp at all this week, which is ab fab. This gives me plenty of time to chill, esp with my friend Rachael who is visiting from London. Shockingly enough, I haven't any hilarious stories, so instead I will pull a Shan and make some lists.

Cheddar Cheese and Pretzel Combos
Falling Leaves
La Croix, orange flavored sparkling water
My cat, Fella
This Ben Gibbard CD where he recorded some tunes on a Walkman
Bringing back "top fives"

What bugs:
My bangs
My stepmom, Joan
Totino's Party Pizza, and my mom just bought five more

I do have a little info to share....some backyard news, I suppose. My cat is once again lifting his front left paw when outside and limping on three legs, as though he is a gimp. I have discerned that he does this only when it is cold out, since it began in the spring, subsided during the summer, and is back in the habit as of now. Also, I went apple picking a few weeks ago and am keeping the apples outside. The woodland creatures are way stoked and are nabbing apples left and's cool, though. I applaud their smarts.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Monday Madness

Have that annoying relative that refuses to admit that Bush just might have messed a few things up? Go here.

Monday Gripes:

I hate that I have to be business casual ("biz cazh") every day now. Could I possibly be an adult or something?

Some of my students are really starting to piss me off. Come to class, dammmmit!

I wish I lived closer to an Einstein Bagels. I just feel like eating a container of cream cheese on an oversized bread product.

Sometimes I just can't believe that people actually make serious racial remarks and expect me (or anyone else) to concur. I wonder, if you know me, what I do for a living, where I live, etc., why would you expect me to laugh and applaud your "life under a rock" mentality?

Why does salsa smell like vomit...yet taste soo good?

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Crazy Fan

I had an unusual experience today (well sort of unusual). I was watching my brother Will play tennis today for the State Finals. I had a front row seat and it was a great match. Will lost the first set and then was down in the second set and came back from 5-2 and won the second set. He lost the third set unfortunately, but it was not for a lack of effort. But as I was saying...I am normally an average fan, you know, sitting, cheering when appropriate, etc. For some reason the fans from the other team (which will remain nameless...big public high school on northside) were being a little obnoxious with their comments about my brother and his partner. So, I got protective of my little bro and when one of them yelled something to the effect of how my brother and his partner were never going to win, I told them to shut up., very loudly. I mean, I am 24 (which is considered an adult) and here I am yelling like a pyscho at these high school boys. I proceeded to yell and cheer for my brother and his partner loudly the rest of the match until my voice was scratchy. I told Paul that for sure I was going to that CRAZY mom who when their kid fell down during a soccer game, would yell at them to get up and shake it off. It is for sure that I come from a very competitive family, but I never thought I was that competitive, unfortunately today I became one of those crazy fans.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Hip 2B Keds

Today on my walk to class (for a test of writing endurance also known as my ethics midterm), I noticed a very peculiarly dressed fellow. Everything was typical but the shoes...jeans, a brown button down shirt, longish hair...and Keds. Not sneakers-Keds, but the horrendous laceless slipon Keds (note: if you're having trouble remembering what those even look like, refer to shoe # 38875). They were navy blue and had some sort of white pattern on them. Huh. Maybe he's trying to rock a new trend (anyone remember Tretorns?).

Another funny thing I saw was a ghettofied tampon/pad machine in the ladies' bathroom at the library. The machine had a little sign on it that said "Fifty Cent." Why not just take it a step further and put Fitty Cent? Anyway, it's the little things...

Go Shorty, It's Your Berfday!

Today is Jennie's 25th berfday...happy birthday, Jennie! Hope you're having a grrrrrrrrreat day. I looked up your special day on and you'll be happy to know that you share your birthday with Judge Judy, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Dizzy Gillespie. Wahoo! Anyway, happy birthday and have a wonderful day!

Just Another Day in Paradise

So today is turing out to be a Phil Collins kind of day. I was just on my way to the bank listening to the sweet, sweet sounds of Phil Collins and Philip Bailey (talk about a PHIL-harmonic! Badoom, boom, CRASH!) when I saw this guy walking into his apartment (Terra Trace, no less) doing some air drumming. And it uncannily matched the crushing intro to 'Easy Lover.' Totally made my day! Maybe I'll cruise around the area listening to 'In the Air Tonight' on full blast with my windows down and he'll rush out onto his balcony and drum right along when Phil kicks it up a notch. No Jacket Required, indeed!

Ha! When I did a Google image search using the term Easy Lover, this is the picture that came up. What a slutty cat. Actually, it's a bengal and looks a lot like my little darlin' Harvey. Mmm, I smell pedigree!
Anyway, here's to add to the Phil Collinsness of my life these days. When I drive around I like to listen to music like any other person. Since I'm often in the car for long time periods I like to make up videos for the songs I'm listening to. So yesterday I was listening to Ben Gibbard/the Postal Service cover 'Against All Odds'.....SUPER cheesy, but waaay better than Mariah Carey, which...duh. So I decided that a cool video would be to have an old lady visiting her dead husband's grave and, you know, mouthing along to the song at KEY parts like "You're the only one who really knew me at all." Then she'd go home and be all sad and shit. THEN when the Timbaland-esque beats kick in, his (the husband's, not Timbaland's) hand could thrust out of the ground and he could start to unbury himself and drag himself back to their house where she'd be all reminiscing/doing old lady stuff. Ok, so in the song there's this creepy music at the end that kind of sounds like a music box. She could turn on a music box and go to bed and as the music winds down the last shot could be the husband's dripping silhouette in her doorway (of course it would totally be raining outside). It'd be unsettling and touching all at once! I probably only thought of this because I'm a little overjazzed that Dawn of the Dead comes out on DVD NEXT WEEK and no one else is here at work, so I have a lot of time to goof off. But who thinks I should pitch this to Big Ben? I do!

Also, how awesome would it be if you had a band do a video where they were all animal mascots of some sort? You could see them getting off their day jobs at Chuck E. Cheese (Rock-A-Fire Explosion, baby!), some minor league hockey team, Six Flags, public access TV etc. etc. to get toegther to play. But they'd leave some element of their costumes on like one would have his dinosaur head still on and the drummer could whip his sticks right out of his kangaroo pouch and go to town. I would so watch that video! Music videos are so great because they're like that perfect form of literature, short stories. You have to tell a simple yet meaningful story in a very limited period of time. Somebody has to start making good ones again!

Oh My Lawd

All I have to say is that life right now is hectic, hectic and more hectic. But, here are some things I've had rolling around in my dome (hi teddy!) for a few days...

So, I swim laps at the park district now. It's the most enjoyable form of exercise I have ever taken up, and I think I may stick with it for awhile. But, one factor that I have not had to deal with previously= naked people! The locker room at the pool freaks me out. Some gals just get naked and pretty much do everything they possibly can before putting on clothes. Gak. I seriously hide from them. Up until Tuesday, I showered with my suit on and kept the naked time to an absolute minimum. Then, I suddenly came to the realization that my skin will dry up and fall off if I don't take a real shower and get all the chlorine off my bod and hair...Especially with winter coming. So, I went for the naked shower. Not as traumatizing as I thought it would be, but the walk back to the locker without the towel is a little sketchy. Next thing you know I'll be doing household chores in the nude as well.

Just a word about love and romance... I know 3 people that have become engaged in the past 2 months. What's up with that? I guess this just starts happening when you hit the 24/25 age mark. I don't know if I can handle all the emotions..I get way too excited for people when stuff like this happens. And, I keep changing my mind about who gets my stash of wedding magazines, etc. We all are going to get married at some point, I guess. It's fun and bittersweet to see friends start to go through this process.
Happy Weekend! I have relatives coming so it's time to clean the the nude!

Trials and Tribulations

Hey ladies, I haven't posted in awhile...So here's what's going on in my exciting life...I returned from Florida tanned and relaxed only to have to get up at 6am to walk the dog and go to work on Tuesday morning in the cold and rain-yuck. But I did have a great time in Florida and even though I have offered my parents many times to be their full time care taker, they just won't take me up on it. Paul has mid-terms this week, which means its 24 hour quiet time at our house...Which is no fun!

Oh yeah a weird thing happened yesterday, I came home from work and was getting ready to take Juno (the dog) out when I noticed many things around the house in disarray. The throw blanket on the chair in our study room was on the floor, the trash can was knocked over, my hair rubber bands were strewn about the house, and a plant was on its side! My first thought was that the same Fed Ex guy that attacked Shannons house must have been transferred to my area, but how was the mess upstairs? So I started looking around the house and I found the culprit--my little kitty Max. He must have gotten ahold of some caffeine (because normally he moves from the bed, to his food, to the bed and so on). The little guy was having some fun while I was gone...If only I had a camera in my house and could have seen it. Wouldn't it be great to see what your pets do all day when we are gone...??

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Annoying comics I love

For the last few weeks, I've been begging Mike to take me to see Wanda Sykes when she comes to Indianapolis this weekend. Hey, if you want to see her too, she's on a national tour. Oooh, go and then we can talk about it! But Mike just kind of smiles and nods and tries to gently lead the subject away from Ms. Tounge Untied (I know you all have seen that stand-up special on Comedy Central). So yeah, I accept that for most people, save for yelling out "I'm WANDA SYKES" in your most annoying voice, seeing the Big W. holds no appeal. In fact, I know people that decided to boycott the Larry David Show just because she was on it.

Much to Leah's chagrin, I even love lil old Amy Sedaris better when she's Jerri Blank, Flatpoint high school's user, abuser and two time loser. Go concrete donkeys! Obviously some other people like these comedians (I'm sorry, I think typing comediennes is about as lame as using the terms "zany" and "funnyman") or Wanda wouldn't be "doin' it, y'all" every week on Comedy Central and Matthew Broderick and Sarah Jessica Parker wouldn't be all riled up about the upcoming Strangers with Candy movie. But who are these fellow-minded fans and where can I find them? I know I can have a weird (okay, dumb) sense of humor, but they've got to be out there.....

Because I'm now newly obsessed with Nick Swardson. I've only seen him around a few times, but he's made a definite impression on my woodland creature mind. I first saw him on a stand-up show on Comedy Central, but now he has a recurring role as Terry the gay rollerskating janitor inmate on Reno 911. I love him! His cute and funny in a boyish way that reminds me of Hal Sparks (and would you look at where he's gone since my crush began? From Talk Soup to Queer as Folk...maybe there's a theme here). Somebody get him on a Vh-1 list show stat! He's my new goofy crush.

Oh yeah, the Onion AV Club has an interview with Wanda.

Friday, October 15, 2004

Can I pancho this trend in the gut?

So somebody's got to say it, and I might as well be the one. I'm not down to clown with the panchos as a fashion statement. Sure, if you're at a theme park and it starts to rain and you really need one of those day glo orange things to keep you dry, it's all good. But why are they suddenly the go-to cover up when a coat or jacket is just too much to bear. I mean really, who has time to put their arms through two whole sleeves and zip up the front (well, actually Teresa Heinz Kerry might want to look into panchos...she was having a hell of a time zipping up her jacket during Edward's speech last night). Just last summer, I was at a Beastie Boys concert in the pouring rain, and everyone was decked out Six Flags monsoon style. One of the B-Boys looked out into the crowd and said, "Hah,it's great to see you all rockin' the panchos tonight." A little throwaway phrase but it stuck with me becuase of the hilarity. I always wondered how in the hell would one "rock" a lameass piece of clothing like a pancho. I guess I was wrong and Mike D or Ad Rock or whoever was really the arbiter of our fashion future.

Does anyone from my high school remember that hippy guy that cut a hole in an old blanket with a cheetah on it and stuck his head through it, creating his own diy pancho? Just a little uglier than those baja thingys that were on their way out. This is what I think of when I see pictures of Jessica Simpson and Jennifer Aniston out and about in their little tents. They have practically perfect bodies and look like douchebags, so how is this going to work for me? I just can't wait to see this paired with a nice baby blue pair of Uggs. Even slate had something to say on this.

Now bolero jackets, on the other hand? So very darling...but still won't look good on me.

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Alicat, You're Famous

I had a dream last night that Alison wrote a novel called "Anything Goes" (unfortunately, that title is already taken...but in the dream, this was Alison's second choice title anyway). It was the weirdest thing because in the dream, I was reading her book (and I really liked it) as though it really existed. It never ceases to amaze me what your brain can do while you're sleeping. Dream up the book that'll make Alison famous? Sure...give me one night. The only detail that I can remember is that there was a line referring to ol' Pat Flaherty! Can't say I've thought about him recently...say, for about 5 who knows how he ended up in my dream. Weird!

I Want My Baby Back

After years of spending ridiculous amounts of cash on shower gels and body lotions, I have discovered the most incredible lotion I've ever used. And at $1.37 a bottle, you can slather it on as liberally as you wish. So here it is: Target brand baby lotion. I prefer the night time blend ("helps fussy babies to relax") lavendar and chamomile scent. I just used it this morning for the first time, and shazam...if I do say so myself, my skin has never been softer (or smelled better!). I was giving Gavin, the 7 mo. old I take care of, a bath a week ago and used some of his lavendar and chamomile bath foam (remember Funny Color Foam Soap?!) and just loved the scent so much. When we move into a house and I get to start maxin out relaxin in the bath tub again, you can bet I'll be picking some of that jazz up as well. Happy rubbin'!

Pleaser from the Freezer

After picking up my cat Harvey from the vet last night after his little "snip snip" operation (Mike, did you give him his pain medication this morning?), I started to think about one of my favorite sites, Don't worry, it's not gross or cruel; it's just the strange and funny tale of the man who had to give his surly cat Fred an enema at home. Complete with crayon drawings!

Fit to be Tied

So during last night's debate Bush and Kerry had on the same tie, right? Quelle horreur!

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Ask and you shall receive, Alison

Vegetarian Scrapple

Amount Measure Ingredient -- Preparation Method
-------- ------------ --------------------------------
1 1/2 cups stoneground cornmeal
1/4 cup wheat bran -- or rice bran
1 cup cold water
3 cups boiling water -- with
4 vegetarian bouillon cubes dissolved in it
2 cup crumbled cooked commercial vegetarian
1 " sausage"
1 cup grated scrubbed carrot
or chopped unpeeled apple
1/4 teaspoon freshly-ground black pepper
1/4 teaspoon crumbled sage
1/4 teaspoon dried savory
1 whole grain flour for dredging
1 teaspoon salt -- if the bouillon
is unsalted
minced celery -- and/or
minced or grated onion

My my pants

Even though Theo from 1.21 Gigawatts will forever extoll the goodness of Victoria's Secret "pahhnties for noine nointey-noine," I've been tempted by the fruit of another....and it's not "of the loom" (HAHA, I crack myself right UP). But seriously folks, I've just gotten myself into a new relationship with Banana Republic underwear, and I gotta say it's going great so far. It's early and I want to take things slow this time, so we're not monogamous yet....but cross your fingers because things look promising.

I bought this pair of crimson with cream lace panties from their website about two months ago. They were on sale and I was already getting something else, so I decided to pick up the little darlings on a whim. Up until last week, they sat in my top dresser drawer forlorn and unworn. I just couldn't bring myself to wear them on any ordinary day. Come on, they're fancy pants! Finally last week I decided to hell with it and wore them on a ugh Wednesday or something. Oh my God! They are the most comfortable underwear I have ever worn! The cotton is so fine and soft and the elastic isn't too tight or thick or loose or anything. And somehow, even though they're full-bottomed and the leg openings are adorned with lace, they didn't create ANY pantylines. I want to shout from the hilltops, "I LOVE THIS UNDERWEAR.....STELLLA!!!!"

So I have on the matching bra today, and I don't want to speak too soon and freak BR out and ruin everything, but I think this could be the one!

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Go Packers!

Did you know football can predict the outcome of the presidential election? Until yesterday, neither did I. It turns out that, since 1936, the outcome of the last Washington Redskins before election night has predicted who will become our next president. If the Redskins win, whoever is in office at the time will remain president for another four years. If their opponent wins, the presidency goes to the Star Search challenger, not contender. It's a crazy coincidence, but it's true. This year the Redskins play the Green Bay Packers on Halloween, their last game before the 'lection. As with the most recent poll results, neither team is a sure thing to win.

Leah turns up the heat

Fellow blogger Leah, has created her own cooking site, l.a. kitchen, where she will write about her favorite recipes, snacks and other kitchenesque stuff. Knowing lil Leah, it will be quite a fun, informative and cuuuute site!

It's a rough life, but someone's gotta do it

Well, this is basically a post to brag, I am going to Florida for a LONG weekend on Thursday to stay in my parents condo with a couple friends until Monday. Just wanted to say that I am excited to get out of Indy and to the relaxing times in hurricane's in the forecast either! Hope you all have a great rest of your week and enjoy the weekend...I know I will (hehe).

Viva 1984!

I'm in the hotbed of political action (well, almost), and I'm so jazzed about it! Wednesday is going to be a crazy day here in Tempe. They've cancelled a lot of classes (but none of mine) and they're shutting off roads and parking. I just found out yesterday that there's a Kerry rally on Wed. at 3:30 at Tempe Town Beach and guess who's playing...the Foo Fighters! It's on, mm-hmm. And then after the debates the rally will continue on...I'm still not sure where to watch it, but I know I want to be in the middle of the action and perhaps wear a sandwich board with some derogatory comment towards Bush on it. ;) Or maybe I'll just plug our blog. Oh and a funny anecdote...the other day I was driving behind someone who apparently hasn't made up his political mind or is just too dumb of a Bush fan to realize he's supporting both parties. He had two bumper stickers on his truck: one that said "Viva BUSH!" and the other said something along the lines of, "Bush/Cheney 1984." I love it.

Monday, October 11, 2004

Damn It Feels Good to Be a Gangsta...

Hey yo! Sorry it's been a while with the posts and all....I started my service at Peace Camp (whoo whoo) and it's been a trip. We've had two sessions total and each group has been totally different than the other! The first crew was low key and dtc, but the second group had more flavor. The ladies had actually planned a dance for the party on the second night where they stripped from their outer wear sweatsuits to their part clothes underneath!! Keep in mind that these are sixth graders! We also had convos about oral sex and pregnancy, among other things, so I now know why people say "back in my day, when things were much simpler.....". But overall I love camp and getting to hike around, build some fires, roast some marshmallows, do hilarious skits, and call this my jobski.

In more exciting news, I took the LSAT last week and feel nothing but relief! I am actually pumped to do some applying for grad/law school and have a change of pace!

Yes, I also received some great news from my doc, my ankle is indeed sprained and not fractured, so I do not have to sport a boot for a month. I must say that I liked the idea and hilarity of the boot, but practically, it would not cut the mustard.

Okay, that is most of my update! Sorry I don't have any great stories to share.....hmmmm.....I did win a sack full of goodies as a raffle prize at this Americorps convention that contained a cd case and traveling beverage mug. Yummy!

Friday, October 08, 2004

This is Rover to Bushie. Do you copy?

Oh Damn! (get the Salon day pass to read this; it's worth it)

That Bush fellow sure looks like a real go-getter

Fascinating but depressing: Bush's resume with active links.

If you're not crying yet, have a resigned chuckle at his debate doodles. Scary how almost believable they are, huh?

Thursday, October 07, 2004

The First Concert

Hey, hey! New Gary Benchley.

Oh, and in casse anyone was wondering. Security guard: still asleep at the wheel.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Mid-Week Mantra

Usually by Wednesday afternoons, I find myself muttering, "It's just a job. Just a job. Just a job." Yesterday, something other than my usual peppy self-starters helped put things back into perspective. At the art gallery, we are currently hosting an exhibition by 2 older Vietnamese artists. One does gorgeous bonsai/rock/fountain sculpture and the other paints. It is the harvest season, and yesterday the bonsai artist brought over a Vietnamese harvest cake and tea for us all to enjoy. (He brings his own china tea set from home every time he wants to give us some tea). Mr. Vu, whom we knew suffered extremely during and after the war, told us more about his life. He was in the communist prison camps for 16 years, only to be let out in the mid 80's. He is a recognized Vietnamese American war veteran who operated in the special forces (spies) and was captured by communists from Northern Vietnam. He brought in a binder of every letter, award, and document showing his involvement in the war and subsequent honor and compensation from the American government. He even proudly showed us a congratulatory letter from the 1st President Bush.

The reality check for me was not only the ease with which he told this story, but the beauty he conveys through the art of bonsai. He constructs miniature mountain landscapes that depict the Vietnam of his youth. These images remain pure despite the devastation that met his country during the Vietnam war. Here, the meaning of survival is relative. I've caught myself thinking many times today about how my daily "survival" should be fought for in a way that honors Mr. Vu.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Flutes Rock!

Today on my way to class, I saw a chick wearing a "Flutes Rock!" t-shirt walking out of one the music buildings. Sweeeeet. You'd think after American Pie she might be hesitant to wear it.

And another thing I was jazzed to see when I checked my email is that the events before the upcoming presidential debate at ASU include an anti-Bush party WITH COLD BEER. Yep, that's how they advertised it. I'm so there. (By the way, there is no anti-Kerry party.) They're going to play the Outfoxed movie too, which I've been curious to see...maybe I'll bust out a li'l review for you champs. Then again, maybe not...that's not really my bag. Welp, that's all I've got. Just trying to keep'er alive!


Legendary portrait and fashion photographer Richard Avedon died last weekend. If you're so inclined, take a look at this slideshow of some of his work.

Monday, October 04, 2004

Rainy days and Mondays always get me down

Ok, you know it's bad when I use a Carpenter's song for the title of a post, so I'll make this short and painless. Mondays can suck, especially if you're sick. Luckily I'll be out of the office most of today driving to Loogootee. I'm a little excited because my snazzy car has a tape and CD player (hey, it's a 1994, so it was made on the cusp of the DIGITAL AGE). I was up in Indianapolis this weekend and I came across a whole shoebox of mix tapes from my youth. My plan is to listen to them all and decide if any are worth keeping. The first one pretty much consisted of Cypress Hill with a dash of the Dazed and Confused soundtrack. It got the heave-ho.

Anyway, since Mondays don't bring the cheer, here are a few sites dedicated to being bitchy. Go Fug Yourself mercilessly makes fun of celebs and their wacky, tacky getups, Some Blogs are Better than others rips on bloggers (duh with the title, Alison), and this guy just seems to make fun of himself. But its hilarious.

Good things to happen today (besides the mix tape motherload, of course):
1.I was way late to work but still beat my boss into the office and had my puter all booted up by the time he walked by my office.
2. The security guard in the parking lot didn't wave back to me for the THIRD DAY in a row. I'm almost positive he just sits in his truck and sleeps behind his sunglasses. That would explain his mouth hanging open all the time. Go security guard! Get those Zzzzzzzzz!

Ah, so much for brevity....

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Toto, I don't think I am in college anymore...

I know I am not in college anymore and there are many examples to back that point up. This weekend I was in Bloomington for Mike's 25th bday party, which was good times. Paul and I started drinking around 3 with my brother (who happens to be in college) and then got back to his place around 1:30 and continued drinking. We then went to sleep and thought that was the end of the night for everyone. Oh no, his room mate (who is also in college) proceeded to invite people over and they were all drinking in the living room where we were sleeping! They stayed up until 5am, because I guess that's what college people do. And the fun didn't stop brother's room mate then spent the next 1/2 hour throwing up and moaning about how needed to pass out. Finally at 6am he passed out and we were able to sleep for 2 hours before having to drive back to Indy. So, the moral of the story is: while its fun to stay up and drink with your friends, college kids have a whole different idea about staying up and drinking with their friends!

Friday, October 01, 2004

Won't you take me to BloggyTown?

What's happenin' hot stuffs? I'm finally reentering the computer age with my new Mac daddy, and I've missed you all so much! Not too much is new except my completely rebuilt transmission. If they ever decide to make Money Pit 2: Moneysucker on Wheels, it should definitely be about my car. But I'd only be in it if the director promised that long-haired European symphony guy (Gus? Günter?) would be my hot love interest and we could fog up the back window of the Passport and my sweaty handprint up against the glass all Titanic style would be all that was left of our magical union.

Anyway, speaking of hot love interests, it's Ole Macky's 25th birthday today. Lazy took the day off work so he may not be checking his blog, but stop on by to wish him a good one if you want. If any of you are coming to the birthday party this weekend, I can't wait to see you!

Speaking of getting older, I was driving near campus yesterday and saw this really fly fella running on the side of the road. I was all, "ooooh, look at that sexy man. I bet he's a senior!" like he was all mature looking. Then I realized it's been about three years since I was done with college and I'm tuning into one of those women who ogles younger guys. Not that I think there's anything wrong with that....guys do it all the time (to young women I mean). It just felt kind of sad the first time because if I stay in a college town much longer I might just turn into Matthew McNakedBongos from Dazed and Confused. "College boys. I keep getting older and they stay the same age."

Yeah, and those debates? What an, um....throwdown? Was I the only one who thought Bush seemed a little Teddy Ruxpinesque. He'd just lost his train of thought and stop until the troll under the podium whacked him in the knees and the tape in his back kept on rollin'. "Girl you know it's.....Girl you know it's......Girl you know it's true!"

Finally, here's a bananas link from the Black Table: Who's worse Midwesterners or the Middle East. I can laugh because I own my Indiana-bred crackerness!

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