Wednesday, September 01, 2004

In Tribute to Ali

As Alison does so many times, I am writing about a band I heard. I didn't actually hear them in person, but I heard them on NPR. They are called Garaj Mahal, yes like Taj Mahal. They are a "jamband" with a little more of an ethnic sound. All of the members have ties to different parts of the world and you can hear it in their music. I just wanted to be like Ali and post about a new band!

This band rocks. I have seen them three times at the Patio here in Indy and have a couple of their live discs. Great Stuff. The Drummer Alan Hertz is also in a band called KVHW with Steve Kimock that rocks as well. Check 'em... B
Aww shucks, Steph. And to think I've never heard of this band...
Ali, I assume that was you that commented as me? You have to log on your own name at home
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