Friday, September 24, 2004


So, it's Friday. For me, it's one of those days when I feel like I have been working-- hard--the whole day long and nothing is done, or done to my satisfaction, for that matter. So, I'm blogging on our pathetic blog that nobody writes on anymore! Today I'm trying to coordinate the schedules of 4 artists, 5 tutors, 5 volunteers and 1 Shan in our after school program...let me tell you: this is not working! Logistics and math are not my friends, nor will they ever be. To complicate things more, everyone is working/volunteering on a different schedule. Nice. I figure I'll give my brain a rest and have at it again soon. This schedule reminds me of a really bad storry problem: If you have 5 tutors and 40 kids under the age of 7, how long will it take for the school to combust from lack of proper staffing and organization?

Anywho, it's a gorgeous day and I can't seem to embrace it and mentally frolic amongst the outdoor world while cooped up in my dark office. I just feel kind of depressed that the day is half over and I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile. Other items on the list: can't find a good dentist and I have a cavity; the jeans I'm wearing really need to be washed; I don't have anything good to eat; I have to teach English tomorrow for 3.5 hours and I don't really know what to talk about.

Here's an interesting story, though: Yesterday, I walked in my door after work and froze. In my livingroom, there are several plants hanging out in front of my windows, and they were all on the floor, broken, with dirt, water, and glass everywhere. I was shocked, very confused, and then panicked- I thought someone broke into the apartment. Looking around a bit more, I saw a large Fed-Ex box smushing one of my poor plants. I wonder: did the Fed Ex guy break into my house, break my plants, and leave me a package? Bizzarre, but possible, I guess. I don't know what else to think. Then, I notice that my window, directly in front of the plants, is open. It comes together: I wasn't home, so Fed Ex guy opens my window and throws package into the room, taking out plants on the way. I find this crazy because my window is well above a person's reach- he would have had to climb up some way. So, I call Fed Ex to yell at them. Turns out crappy delivery person sucks, and reported that he tried to deliver 3 times but I was not home, I signed a form saying the package could be left, and then he left it by my back door. All false! So, Raymundo from Fed Ex is super nice, and tells me that the company will compensate me for damages. I assess the situation, and call back. I determined that the broken potted plans and a chunk out of my hardwood floor would cost $95. Raymundo responded to this, "No! I don't think so. This is a disaster. You are so nice...I am saying that they damaged your tv as well and they will give you $250." Ok, Raymundo. I'm your buddy! So, weird story, good ending... all for a wedding package containing place mats and dish towels.

Shan, thats a funny story about the wedding gift, i would freak out, usually if something is broken in my house, i blame a pet. but he threw it in the window!!?? I have been trying to post on the blog...its a weak attempt though. thanks for posting shan!
Dirty jeans always feel warm, don't they?
holy shit that's funny
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