Wednesday, September 29, 2004

En Ingles, por favor?

Given the community I'm now living in, I've decided to try to learn (relearn?) Spanish. Today was my first conversation class, where I learned two things: 1, conversation class is not free (it somehow didn't occur to me that you had to pay) and 2, apparently no one else is as interested as they initially acted in learning Spanish as I was the only one who showed. Yep, just me and Jose. Jose was a nice guy, but talk about an awkward setting...I haven't spoken Spanish since high school, and when I tried to explain that in English, Jose proceeds to write on the board "No English allowed here!" Oops. I made up a 12:30 meeting to get out of the last half hour, hence my unexpected free time to blog. Alison, I think you're the glue that holds this blog together...I hope you get your new computer soon because this thing is looking pretty sad. Hasta luego...

jenny--es bien. yo entiendo. heehee
I used to do Italian classes where you couldn't speak any about awkwardness...and long silences...good luck with it!
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