Thursday, September 02, 2004

Breasts and Confidence

Ok,I know I have been posting like its my job, but I have another item to post about. I just had the unfortunate experience of watching "Extreme Makeover" for about 10 minutes this evening and listened to this woman say about six times that since she got her breasts done she felt so much better about herself. Why is it we live in a society where a woman has to have large breasts to feel confident? If your large breasts are God-given, then more power to you, but why is a woman is judged on the size of her breasts? Everyone feels they have the right to comment on a woman's breasts (big or small) and a man is not judged on his penis size (unless he shows everyone). What I am saying here is that its a sad world that women feel the need to put themselves through surgery to boost their confidence. Women have so many things to offer the world, but a lot of women feel they are only a body and that their body must look a certain way. Hmmm.....

I like Big Boobies, huh..uh huh.
No updates this week? C'mon now gang. You can do it!
I agree, and I'm a woman-loving man. Even on a strictly physical and sexual level, perfection comes in many sizes.

That particular woman has either always wanted to be a piece of meat (not uncommon, I wouldn't mind it sometimes!) or is now just open to the thought that she's attractive. Or not, whatever.
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