Saturday, September 25, 2004

Are You Really?

So, let me preface this post with a little background about the whole evening...Friday night was a weird night for Paul and I. We decided to get a little stoned and then go eat Olive Garden, which I have never eaten before in Indianapolis. Well, thanks to Ali and Mike, we were able to get stoned and then drove on over to eat. When we arrived I asked Paul to go in to put us on the list and I found us a nice waiting area outside. Paul headed back out and told me there was free wine inside, so of course I said bring it on. As he headed back in, I noticed the whole family of an ex-boyfriend (and I really only have one, so you all know who I am talking about). Being stoned and all I did not want to converse with said ex-boyfriend's whole family, so I continued to sit quietly while Paul got the wine. I then noticed that there was a young Asian girl (about 15) running around the outside of the restaurant frantically looking for someone. She ran up to us (remember we are very stoned and now drinking the free wine) and asked us if we had seen an Asian boy wearing yellow pants. I said yeah, around the corner. I must have made her year because she exclaimed "Are you really?" and ran off. Paul and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. I think she had meant to say something like "Are you serious?" or "Are you for real?" But instead it came out "Are you really?"

It was very strange and to us, very funny. We headed in when our little light up thing went off and ate. I then got a stomach ache and stated that I would not be eating there again, it was to weird.

So, maybe you are all bored senseless, but I had to post about the night at Olive Garden.

Glad to hear you guys had a good time....I"ll be back on this thing tomorrow (I hope I can remember how to blog). I get my new way way backordered puter tomorrow. It's taken about a month....ugh.
Stoned at the Olive Garden sounds pretty damned sweet.
Small world I guess... You should have stopped by... it would have made dinner more interesting...
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