Wednesday, September 29, 2004

En Ingles, por favor?

Given the community I'm now living in, I've decided to try to learn (relearn?) Spanish. Today was my first conversation class, where I learned two things: 1, conversation class is not free (it somehow didn't occur to me that you had to pay) and 2, apparently no one else is as interested as they initially acted in learning Spanish as I was the only one who showed. Yep, just me and Jose. Jose was a nice guy, but talk about an awkward setting...I haven't spoken Spanish since high school, and when I tried to explain that in English, Jose proceeds to write on the board "No English allowed here!" Oops. I made up a 12:30 meeting to get out of the last half hour, hence my unexpected free time to blog. Alison, I think you're the glue that holds this blog together...I hope you get your new computer soon because this thing is looking pretty sad. Hasta luego...

Saturday, September 25, 2004

Are You Really?

So, let me preface this post with a little background about the whole evening...Friday night was a weird night for Paul and I. We decided to get a little stoned and then go eat Olive Garden, which I have never eaten before in Indianapolis. Well, thanks to Ali and Mike, we were able to get stoned and then drove on over to eat. When we arrived I asked Paul to go in to put us on the list and I found us a nice waiting area outside. Paul headed back out and told me there was free wine inside, so of course I said bring it on. As he headed back in, I noticed the whole family of an ex-boyfriend (and I really only have one, so you all know who I am talking about). Being stoned and all I did not want to converse with said ex-boyfriend's whole family, so I continued to sit quietly while Paul got the wine. I then noticed that there was a young Asian girl (about 15) running around the outside of the restaurant frantically looking for someone. She ran up to us (remember we are very stoned and now drinking the free wine) and asked us if we had seen an Asian boy wearing yellow pants. I said yeah, around the corner. I must have made her year because she exclaimed "Are you really?" and ran off. Paul and I looked at each other and burst out laughing. I think she had meant to say something like "Are you serious?" or "Are you for real?" But instead it came out "Are you really?"

It was very strange and to us, very funny. We headed in when our little light up thing went off and ate. I then got a stomach ache and stated that I would not be eating there again, it was to weird.

So, maybe you are all bored senseless, but I had to post about the night at Olive Garden.

Friday, September 24, 2004


So, it's Friday. For me, it's one of those days when I feel like I have been working-- hard--the whole day long and nothing is done, or done to my satisfaction, for that matter. So, I'm blogging on our pathetic blog that nobody writes on anymore! Today I'm trying to coordinate the schedules of 4 artists, 5 tutors, 5 volunteers and 1 Shan in our after school program...let me tell you: this is not working! Logistics and math are not my friends, nor will they ever be. To complicate things more, everyone is working/volunteering on a different schedule. Nice. I figure I'll give my brain a rest and have at it again soon. This schedule reminds me of a really bad storry problem: If you have 5 tutors and 40 kids under the age of 7, how long will it take for the school to combust from lack of proper staffing and organization?

Anywho, it's a gorgeous day and I can't seem to embrace it and mentally frolic amongst the outdoor world while cooped up in my dark office. I just feel kind of depressed that the day is half over and I haven't accomplished anything worthwhile. Other items on the list: can't find a good dentist and I have a cavity; the jeans I'm wearing really need to be washed; I don't have anything good to eat; I have to teach English tomorrow for 3.5 hours and I don't really know what to talk about.

Here's an interesting story, though: Yesterday, I walked in my door after work and froze. In my livingroom, there are several plants hanging out in front of my windows, and they were all on the floor, broken, with dirt, water, and glass everywhere. I was shocked, very confused, and then panicked- I thought someone broke into the apartment. Looking around a bit more, I saw a large Fed-Ex box smushing one of my poor plants. I wonder: did the Fed Ex guy break into my house, break my plants, and leave me a package? Bizzarre, but possible, I guess. I don't know what else to think. Then, I notice that my window, directly in front of the plants, is open. It comes together: I wasn't home, so Fed Ex guy opens my window and throws package into the room, taking out plants on the way. I find this crazy because my window is well above a person's reach- he would have had to climb up some way. So, I call Fed Ex to yell at them. Turns out crappy delivery person sucks, and reported that he tried to deliver 3 times but I was not home, I signed a form saying the package could be left, and then he left it by my back door. All false! So, Raymundo from Fed Ex is super nice, and tells me that the company will compensate me for damages. I assess the situation, and call back. I determined that the broken potted plans and a chunk out of my hardwood floor would cost $95. Raymundo responded to this, "No! I don't think so. This is a disaster. You are so nice...I am saying that they damaged your tv as well and they will give you $250." Ok, Raymundo. I'm your buddy! So, weird story, good ending... all for a wedding package containing place mats and dish towels.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

Is it ok that....

Is it ok that...

At age 24 I still like to watch reruns of The Cosby Show?

Instead of cleaning my house/doing chores when I have the time I would rather watch MTV?

I do my laundry, but then often leave it in the basket for a week, then realize I have to do laundry again?

I am jealous of my dog and my cat's lives?

I sometimes cry when I watch A Baby Story or other such shows?

When someone from work calls, I let them leave a message, because I don't want to use my minutes for work?

I have been married almost a year, but sometimes still refer to Paul as my boyfriend?

The idea of my in-laws staying at our house for a long weekend really freaks me out?

When I see a big spider I ask Paul to kill it?

Sometimes staying in with some wine sounds better then the bars?

Where, oh where, has our little blog gone...

Hi ladies,
I know im just as guilty as the rest for not posting at all lately but I suppose we are all going through similarly huge changes. We should call our blog "No time to Blog" or something. I DO love the way the new blog looks and now that I have DSL at home I'm checking it daily hoping that someone will step up and post. I guess I should lead by example. John and I are settled into our new apartment in LA and love it. I'm looking for a job of ANY kind so hopefully soon I'll be posting about what my new job is. I hope that this post might brighten your days if you, like I, check PTW every day only to find no new posts or comments. By the way, are comments working??

Friday, September 17, 2004


I haven't written in awhile and nothing much has happened since then, but I did get fleas from one of my clients. I believe it was a new low for me with my job. I was innocently driving this woman to her doctor's appointment when I noticed a few of the little critters hopping off her into my vehicle, no doubt looking for someone new to bite. And being who I am, I of course tactfully asked my client if she had fleas. She answered "of course not, I am not dirty" Now what was I to do? Luckily we arrived at her doctor's appointment and I told her I would be back in a little bit to get her. I hightailed it to the nearest drug store and flea bombed my car. While reading a magazine in the parking lot of the drug store and airing out my car, I wondered can I get reimbursed for this?

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

Puttin' on the Pouch

Wow. Where's the love gone? It was a sad Tuesday for me to see no new posts, so I thought I'd put one up. The news with me...our other roommate, Jon's friend Steve from college, got here on Friday. So far so good..and in a few months, I'll be living in a house with the two of them and my little brother John. Whoa. Other than that, my life has pretty much been a whole lotta reading. OH! And I've acquired another part-time job...I'm taking care of a little baby boy for about 10 hours a week. I was kinda nervous, but so far I love soon as we have picture capabilities, I'll post some pictures. He looks just like the Gerber baby, and his name's Gavin. I spend a lot of time with him bent over (I realize that sounds awful but how else to put it?!) as he likes to "walk" but requires complete support from me. And the other funny thing I do is wear God's gift to parents (and babysitters), the Baby Bjorn. It's like a faux kangaroo pouch, and let me be the first to tell you, you may laugh now, but I'll see the day when all of you sport one as well.

And that's the way the cookie crumbles.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

Breasts and Confidence

Ok,I know I have been posting like its my job, but I have another item to post about. I just had the unfortunate experience of watching "Extreme Makeover" for about 10 minutes this evening and listened to this woman say about six times that since she got her breasts done she felt so much better about herself. Why is it we live in a society where a woman has to have large breasts to feel confident? If your large breasts are God-given, then more power to you, but why is a woman is judged on the size of her breasts? Everyone feels they have the right to comment on a woman's breasts (big or small) and a man is not judged on his penis size (unless he shows everyone). What I am saying here is that its a sad world that women feel the need to put themselves through surgery to boost their confidence. Women have so many things to offer the world, but a lot of women feel they are only a body and that their body must look a certain way. Hmmm.....

I Wonder...

Why ...

do I have to buy pots and pans that cost $400 just because I'm married?
do I feel guilty for not watching the joke of the century, ie the Republican convention?
do people always try to cut me in line?
do people always want to talk to me in lines?
does doing laundry make me want to curl up in a fetal position?
do I get sucked into shows like Extra and Access Hollywood? I am sooo jazzed- MarkMcGrath is a new cohost for Extra!!

On a side note, I saw a girl that is in one of my after school programs hanging out with some people that were drinking. I couldn't tell if she was or not, because they were trying to hide the beers and she wasn't holding them. This is one of those situations where I feel so "adult" for caring and feeling morally responsible for her. I don't think she is older than 14 or 15...I don't want to make a big deal out of it, but I think I should at least tell her that those people may not be the best ones to hang out with. Is that overstepping my boundaries?

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

In Tribute to Ali

As Alison does so many times, I am writing about a band I heard. I didn't actually hear them in person, but I heard them on NPR. They are called Garaj Mahal, yes like Taj Mahal. They are a "jamband" with a little more of an ethnic sound. All of the members have ties to different parts of the world and you can hear it in their music. I just wanted to be like Ali and post about a new band!

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