Thursday, August 26, 2004

Why Men Get the Boot

No, this is not what you think, its not a male bashing post. I am writing because there is a phenomenon that is going un-noticed in good old Indianapolis. Today I spent 4 hours working with one of my clients who happens to be a single father. He is raising his 1 son and 3 daughters by himself, with no help from his wife who according to him is a "lying b#$%*". He is being evicted from his apartment as of Sept 1 due to his delinquent son throwing some rocks at a maintenance man and he has no where to go. He receives Section 8 support, but the waiting lists for that are up to a year. So, I began to look for a shelter for him and his children. I have called or gone to 14 shelters today alone and NOT ONE OF THEM takes men with children! Maybe I am the only one who thinks this is wrong, but there are a number of men out there that are raising their children alone and may need a shelter or transitional housing and they are getting the boot. So, this man is being forced to split his children up at a few different relatives. I am telling you when (if) I ever have the money I will start a shelter for single fathers...maybe Jennie can counsel them??

hi, i was randomly browsing blogs and came across yours. here's mine:
Steph, I hear you. My neighborhood has 1 men's shelter and they are shutting it down. Men totally get the shaft and it sucks. We should all do something about it together.
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