Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Unemployed Friends

Ok, so most of you would read this title and think, man Steph is mean, sometimes people get in between jobs and struggle to find employment....well I have been there myself, but I do have a friend who will remain nameless (she is not on this blog!!!) who has NEVER worked since graduating college 2 years ago. Now, this did not bother me for a long time, but as I have worked my tail off to find a job and have at times worked 2 jobs to make ends meet, it has become frustrating. Her parents and now husband pay for everything she wants. She calls me up to 4 times a day to chat and when I don't answer the phone, she will just call and call, because she has nothing else to do. And now she is going back to school for another degree she won't use. She has even told me, "I don't think I ever want to work full-time" I mean its not great working full-time for little pay, but damn when you have a rewarding job or a good day or when you get your paycheck, it can be a good feeling. This is a random post for the new blog, but I had to vent and see if anyone out there has had similar experience!!

First off, I don't see anything wrong with being a housewife as long as her husband is cool with it too. Not to sound sexist, but it would be nice of her to cook and clean with all that free time she has. You should suggest she volunteer or something. Personally I could never do this, and would never want to be with a woman who wanted to stay home all the time. I can understand if there was a baby or something, but otherwise this is just wasting your life. Plus this day in age it's pathetic to answer the "What do you do?" question with "I'm a homemaker."

2ndly, Ali you need to change your comment prefs so that people can leave anonymous comments, or leave comments w/o being a registered Blogger user.
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I wonder who this could be... I can think of a couple guesses...
Steph - in that case, she is a worthless waste of life. Harsh? Maybe. The truth? Absolutely. I hope this girl has a decent personality at least.
Macky, so you can see my annoyance!!
Byron, I am sure you know, go with your first instinct...
Shocking, not really... I wonder what she'll do when Mommy and Daddy's money runs out and she realizes that her husband isn't that bright...
Must ye hate on the playettes of the Earth?? In all honesty, I have worked for something around half my life. But to become frustrated by the fact that not everyone has to...to me sounds a bit selfish(jealous). Personally, I believe working for a living is a shit thing to objectify anyway. I lived in a place where it was normal to go to school for six years to get your degree, whereas here...people become embarrassed or even feel like failures if it would take so long. Yet, how much more could you know or learn if you were in University for that much longer of a time (not because you failed, but because you were able to take more classes).
Not to underestimate the gains and responsibility of a hard days work, as believe me...60 hour weeks can make you feel. They can also make you feel tired as shit. Please excuse me, but on certain days(this being one) I am an avid believer in not judging, especially those who are enjoying themselves. Is there ever an unselfish reason to put down someone with a smile on their face? I really miss Europe.
Nice new blog Ali, although I miss the colorful photos of ya'll. Pretty sweeeeet!

Steph, I feel your pain. Last year I busted my ass working all day while Kate would get up at noon, go shopping and smoke cigarettes, go to work for like 3 hours and make as much money as I did, than complain about having no money and no time. I understand your need to vent, and while I agree with you A-ron that you should not judge or stress other people's business, it can still piss you off sometimes. On a side note, I am currently enjoying life as an unemployed slacker and it is pretty fucking totally hella sweet. I'd recommend it to all of you, at least for a time.
Steph, I hear you. I have a friend who had a part time job last year (she actually worked about 2 hours a day), complained nonstop about how much it sucked, and recently quit...and does nothing. I know looking for jobs is a pain in the A, but come on...
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