Wednesday, August 25, 2004

John Kerry needs a little something....

Salt, maybe? Perhaps some of that Heinz 57 sauce? While I thought it was incredibly cool that Kerry decided to spend an evening with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night, the segment itself made me cringe a little. He was as stiff as a board and ready to spew paragraphs of campaign rhetoric at a moment's notice, while it was clear Stewart's agenda was to help portray Kerry as a human instead of as the potential Frankenstien-in-Chief many news outlets and humorists describe.

It was smart thinking on Kerry's part to appear on the show but something didn't sit with me quite right. I'm all for him taking over the reins from Bush, but he's going to need to loosen up to succeed these next few months. The Daily Show was a perfect vehicle to show his human, relaxed side; anyone who wants to know about his Purple Hearts and "laser-beam focus" can find that all over the front page of any national newspaper or even in satirical videos plastered across the Internet. This Slate article sums up my disappointment prefectly.
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I really enjoyed Kerry on Jon Stewart. Too bad you didn't...
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