Thursday, August 26, 2004

Hello...Hello Again

hi! I'm here! It is so great to be blogging again. I need to get my mind thinking "would this be a good post?" again. In the meantime, here's what I did today (so far, anyway):
went to BMV to get new liscence with new name on it. very suprised- only took 10 minutes!
wore really uncomfortable high heels for meeting. ended up buying 2 more pairs of shoes to replace painful ones (Payless= buy one, get one half off)
bought weird shirt at TJ Maxx that may not work. i was just happy that it was $9
ate scary chicken pita for lunch (last time I checked, a chicken breast is not supposed to have crunchy bits in it)
walked all over downtown looking for some underwear; never bought any

sigh...what trials and tribulations I have these days...more later.

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Shan, is your new name hyphenated or just haupman?
Steph, I changed my last name to Hautman and I just added Coogan on to my middle name. I think it is going to be hard to be Hautman, though, because everyone I interact with at work knows me as Coogan and it never occured to me to put my mew name out there. I may just stick with Coogan at work because I don't really feel like correcting people who have known me for the past 2 years!
Shan, I meant Hautman, I understand the name change thing, no one can spell or say Melillo
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