Thursday, August 26, 2004

Books and Sex

(...or books on sex, in Shan's case)
What a spectacular new blog! Now I feel like I have to write something really good for a first post. Hmm. I just finished my first week of classes in the pursuit of my PhD. Wahoo! Only 5 years minus 1 week to go. Moving right along...the classes are cool as shit so far (except for stats). It is so refreshing to be in classes where everyone is interested in the material and contributes a lot to discussions (they better, or the 3 hour classes would drag!).

And in less academic news, I have been watching a lot of Sex and the City. I borrowed seasons 1 & 2 on DVD from one of the girls in the program. I liked the first season but the second one has really blown. Blahblahblah relationship this, what's the deep meaning of this...and then lots of talk about shoes and scenes from hip new clubs and restaurants. What do you guys think about the show? Am I the only girl not enamoured with it?

Hey Jenny, I find sex and the city to be entertaining for the most part, but I always wonder how Carrie affords all of those shoes and outfits and that apartment when she is a writer!! HMMMM
I've watched almost the entire series with Al, so I gotta weigh in on this. Samantha is hilarious, she should be the focus of the show. Her and that gay friend of Carrie's - he's got some great one-liners. For being a sex / relationship columnist Carrie seems a little clueless. Miranda is out of her goddamn mind and sometimes I wish she would just get married to Steve and get off the show. Miranda is a total downer in my opinion. Charlotte is too every-woman for me. She's even more clueless than Carrie.

However, if I was going to date any of them I think I would pick Carrie. Not sure why. Probably because she is creative and always seems to ellicit the "What is she wearing???" reaction from Alison, which I like. She also seems like the most fun of the bunch.
I'm back taking a graduate class at Arizona State as well (that's where you are, right?)

After graduating in '02, it's wierd being back, seeing all the freshpeople running around all willy-nilly. Graduate classes are nice though.

If you haven't yet, I suggest you cap off an evening class by going to Casey Moore's (5th Street and Ash). It's the perfect place to wrap up a class-inspired discussion or just people watch, and it's right off campus. That's where I park for class!
I think S&TC is a means of escape for men and women, so reading into or expecting too much from the show too much could lead to disappointment. While some of the situations and relationships feel like ones we have in our own lives, a majority of the story arcs are a bit outlandish, and that's what makes it great. I like that I can find a little bit of me and my friends in each one of the characters, but that they have some quirks, jobs, or habits that are still a bit beyond my reach.

The show is written primarily by gay men, so it's gonna be a bit over the top and fabu. Any other way, and it just wouldn't have stuck around so long or have been as good. There's a mod , campiness to the show that just makes it so appealing.

Also, this show was just a great way to get people together for a half hour on a Sunday night. I have fond memories of cuddling up on a shady leather couch with Alison and Bridget (and Anthony's rotten potatoes), watching the latest episode, sharing a laugh, a tear, and a conversation about the show afterwards.
yeah i should have qualified my post by saying that although i get annoyed by aspects of the show, i still keep right on watching. it is entertaining; what bugs me is carrie's first break-up with mr. big, and then her getting back together with him and her friends getting all mad and telling her he treated her like crap. at the beginning of their relationship, yeah, i can see that...but then she dumps him b/c he's not ready to drop the l bomb. and yeah mike samantha is my favorite character too; she gets to just throw it all out there and say and do everything she wants. awesome.

saxdrop, what class are you taking? know any cool people around here? we should all meet up sometime. i haven't been to that bar yet, but i read that it's supposed to be haunted. and that's a great parking tip, i've been in lot 59 hauling ass across campus!
Lot 59 can be a pain -- 'nuff said. The number of people I know out here is slowly dwindling. I went to high school in Phoenix and came back to ASU in 2000, so I do know quite a few people. Both my roommate and girlfriend insist they've never met anyone who knows so many people everywhere where we go (it's like Nowak in Bloomington), but I think that's BS.

In any case, the youngest of my friends have finally graduated and headed back to the Midwest, so I run into fewer and fewer people at the bars. I'd love to meet up and give you some Tempe-pointers, or just buy you (guys) a pint as a welcome.

PS: Besides Casey Moore's, my favorite bar in all of Phoenix is Four Peaks Brewing Co. -- I'm there 3-4 times a week. Shoot me an e-mail.
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