Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blind Date, Reality Style

So, I had my first blind date this weekend (yeah apparently this is how Singlesville is now!) with a fellow named Patrick. We were set up by a mutual friend (my old supervisor at the Julian Center and his rommie), Courtney, chatted quite a bit before actually meeting, and went to see "Do the Right Thing" a Spike Lee film, at the Indy Museum of Art on Friday.

While I do find him to be easy to chat with and an interesting guy, I'm not dtc on a second date. Somehow I feel a bit too materialistic for him because he suggested that instead of working two jobs, I could just live off of my Americorps stipend (and keep in mind I qualify for food stamps with my stipend!) and not do things like dye my hair. (pop-up bubble says: insults aren't the new compliments). He also fanatasizes about the nomadic life as lived by Jack Kerouac and other Beat writers, while I vividly remember getting tired of living from my pack for that first month in New Zealand. So, all in all, I enjoyed myself, but next time I do a blind date, I want Roger Lodge to be introducing us!

Side Note: I did see the classic Olan Mills couple, Tony and MC, at the movie. Goodtimes!

Jennie, sorry to hear the 2nd date won't be happening. Ummm yeah, if you want to work 2 jobs you should be able to, if there are things your stipend won't cover, a woman has needs (or wants) but damn you should be able to have them , esp if you are working for them!
wow. that guy sounds like he was making some pretty bold comments. i don't know if i would be a fan of someone getting all up in my biz after a 1st date. going to that movie sounds cool, though.
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