Monday, August 30, 2004

Bringing home the Bacon

Well, its official, Paul is a full-time student and I am the breadwinner. It is a daunting task to be the one who makes all of the money and has the benefits. I feel like I should read the newspaper every morning and then start carrying a briefcase, just to fit the part. Instead I watch the news (if I get up in time) in the morning and wear flip-flops and capri pants to work. I also feel like when he is done with school and finds a job, I get some major time off! Well, for now its Steph the Social Worker who will be supporting the Melillo fam.

Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blind Date, Reality Style

So, I had my first blind date this weekend (yeah apparently this is how Singlesville is now!) with a fellow named Patrick. We were set up by a mutual friend (my old supervisor at the Julian Center and his rommie), Courtney, chatted quite a bit before actually meeting, and went to see "Do the Right Thing" a Spike Lee film, at the Indy Museum of Art on Friday.

While I do find him to be easy to chat with and an interesting guy, I'm not dtc on a second date. Somehow I feel a bit too materialistic for him because he suggested that instead of working two jobs, I could just live off of my Americorps stipend (and keep in mind I qualify for food stamps with my stipend!) and not do things like dye my hair. (pop-up bubble says: insults aren't the new compliments). He also fanatasizes about the nomadic life as lived by Jack Kerouac and other Beat writers, while I vividly remember getting tired of living from my pack for that first month in New Zealand. So, all in all, I enjoyed myself, but next time I do a blind date, I want Roger Lodge to be introducing us!

Side Note: I did see the classic Olan Mills couple, Tony and MC, at the movie. Goodtimes!

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Books and Sex

(...or books on sex, in Shan's case)
What a spectacular new blog! Now I feel like I have to write something really good for a first post. Hmm. I just finished my first week of classes in the pursuit of my PhD. Wahoo! Only 5 years minus 1 week to go. Moving right along...the classes are cool as shit so far (except for stats). It is so refreshing to be in classes where everyone is interested in the material and contributes a lot to discussions (they better, or the 3 hour classes would drag!).

And in less academic news, I have been watching a lot of Sex and the City. I borrowed seasons 1 & 2 on DVD from one of the girls in the program. I liked the first season but the second one has really blown. Blahblahblah relationship this, what's the deep meaning of this...and then lots of talk about shoes and scenes from hip new clubs and restaurants. What do you guys think about the show? Am I the only girl not enamoured with it?

Why Men Get the Boot

No, this is not what you think, its not a male bashing post. I am writing because there is a phenomenon that is going un-noticed in good old Indianapolis. Today I spent 4 hours working with one of my clients who happens to be a single father. He is raising his 1 son and 3 daughters by himself, with no help from his wife who according to him is a "lying b#$%*". He is being evicted from his apartment as of Sept 1 due to his delinquent son throwing some rocks at a maintenance man and he has no where to go. He receives Section 8 support, but the waiting lists for that are up to a year. So, I began to look for a shelter for him and his children. I have called or gone to 14 shelters today alone and NOT ONE OF THEM takes men with children! Maybe I am the only one who thinks this is wrong, but there are a number of men out there that are raising their children alone and may need a shelter or transitional housing and they are getting the boot. So, this man is being forced to split his children up at a few different relatives. I am telling you when (if) I ever have the money I will start a shelter for single fathers...maybe Jennie can counsel them??

Hello...Hello Again

hi! I'm here! It is so great to be blogging again. I need to get my mind thinking "would this be a good post?" again. In the meantime, here's what I did today (so far, anyway):
went to BMV to get new liscence with new name on it. very suprised- only took 10 minutes!
wore really uncomfortable high heels for meeting. ended up buying 2 more pairs of shoes to replace painful ones (Payless= buy one, get one half off)
bought weird shirt at TJ Maxx that may not work. i was just happy that it was $9
ate scary chicken pita for lunch (last time I checked, a chicken breast is not supposed to have crunchy bits in it)
walked all over downtown looking for some underwear; never bought any

sigh...what trials and tribulations I have these days...more later.

Wednesday, August 25, 2004

John Kerry needs a little something....

Salt, maybe? Perhaps some of that Heinz 57 sauce? While I thought it was incredibly cool that Kerry decided to spend an evening with Jon Stewart on the Daily Show last night, the segment itself made me cringe a little. He was as stiff as a board and ready to spew paragraphs of campaign rhetoric at a moment's notice, while it was clear Stewart's agenda was to help portray Kerry as a human instead of as the potential Frankenstien-in-Chief many news outlets and humorists describe.

It was smart thinking on Kerry's part to appear on the show but something didn't sit with me quite right. I'm all for him taking over the reins from Bush, but he's going to need to loosen up to succeed these next few months. The Daily Show was a perfect vehicle to show his human, relaxed side; anyone who wants to know about his Purple Hearts and "laser-beam focus" can find that all over the front page of any national newspaper or even in satirical videos plastered across the Internet. This Slate article sums up my disappointment prefectly.

Life's Such A Trial

Yes, this is the true meaning of LSAT, the law school admissions test. This or f*#king piece of sh^t. I am up to my ears in practice tests, homework drills, prep classes, etc. Just this week, I have four class meetings to learn/discuss strategies about the LSAT.....that's more than I work at my JOB this week! Crazy clowns....I will be quite joyous when October 2 rolls around and I can put this test to rest.

So wahoo on the new blog! I must say that Proximity was splendid, but I suppose it was time to leave her behind since now seems to be the dawn of a new era for all of us. Rock On!

Bloomington gets some love

Bloomingtonfest gets a shout-out from Pitchfork today, and right below it is new of B-ton's own Impossible Shapes on tour. I'm still mad at Pitchfork for being too snobby and indier-than-thou about Jimmy Eat World's new single (Oh no! A band tha's had a top-ten hit simply can't cover Guided by Voices), but the show should be a good time. Anyone that's interested is welcome to visit and sleep on our imaginary couch.

By the way, picture capabilities will be up and running as soon as possible.

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

It's all happening...

Im not an expert on astrology. but, I do think that something is going on in the universe right now. something powerful. Everyone I know is embarking on new journeys, breaking up, losing jobs, etc. It seems like everyone I talk to is going through some crazy life changing experience. Even our blog went down a few weeks ago and we've started anew. Is it just me, or has anyone else felt this way?

Unemployed Friends

Ok, so most of you would read this title and think, man Steph is mean, sometimes people get in between jobs and struggle to find employment....well I have been there myself, but I do have a friend who will remain nameless (she is not on this blog!!!) who has NEVER worked since graduating college 2 years ago. Now, this did not bother me for a long time, but as I have worked my tail off to find a job and have at times worked 2 jobs to make ends meet, it has become frustrating. Her parents and now husband pay for everything she wants. She calls me up to 4 times a day to chat and when I don't answer the phone, she will just call and call, because she has nothing else to do. And now she is going back to school for another degree she won't use. She has even told me, "I don't think I ever want to work full-time" I mean its not great working full-time for little pay, but damn when you have a rewarding job or a good day or when you get your paycheck, it can be a good feeling. This is a random post for the new blog, but I had to vent and see if anyone out there has had similar experience!!

Monday, August 23, 2004


AHH, the new blog! I'm so glad we're back online. Let the posting begin!

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