Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Dude, let's get the blog back together!

My annual crippling nostalgia is kicking in early this year. If any of you ladies wander by to read the archives and want to start it back up, I'm all for it. So much to say.

Friday, October 19, 2007

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

What's Up with That?

What is up with this show? It is called Laguna Beach. Have any of you seen this show on MTV? Or am I the only loser watching this? I just can't figure out if it is real or fake? Is it like the Real World or is it real people in their real houses? And do these people really talk like that? I don't remember high school being like this one. These girls buy 600 dollar Dior shoes and just walk away like its nothing...its so weird. I think if any of you ever happen to catch an episode of this show, you should let me know what you think. I try not to watch it, but somehow my remote keeps flipping back to it and then I am sucked in!

In other news, I just got an ipod (a mini pink one) and it is so enjoyable.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Gee, now I feel better...

A friend and I were discussing moving to a different neighborhood in Chicago. She mentioned an area that I was not familliar with, so I asked, "What's it like there?"

"Well, it's kind of an up and coming area. I mean, they have a Starbucks and everything so you would be totally fine there."

What? Hm? Now, we all know that white people only want to live next door, above, or in the basement of Starbucks, but come on dear! I don't even drink coffee.

But, it's so good to know that in the event of any crime, I could just hide behind the counter with the baristas and guzzle gigantic frothy drinks with 5,000 calories apiece.

You Better Shape Up

One thing that might tempt me to move back to Indy is the food. Not the hot night life, but the snacks are what I'm after. I've been home for almost a week and have eaten almost every meal out because there are so many places I love and need to get my fill of in a 2 week period. Mmmmmmm...Bravo, Jimmy John's, Puccini's, Brew Pub, Don Pablo's.....I just haven't found anything out in Phoenix to replace them. And I'm just getting started!

On a completely different note, I watched Grease last night with my little sister Mary (9). PG my foot. There are so many references to sex in that movie that she'd have to be deaf and dumb not to pick up on that. But throughout the whole movie, at least Sandy's setting a good example for the ladies out there...until the end, when she whores it up and becomes a smoker to get with Danny. Hmm. Even a PG musical is laden with ideas I don't want floating around in Mary's head! But I still love some of the songs.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005


First of all, I put a picture up, finally! I just wanted to write about yet another client. Yesterday I had the pleasure of dropping in on a client who doesn't have a phone (so they don't know when I am coming). And I knocked and went in and there was my client sitting there in a chair without a shirt. Don't worry the client is male, but mind you he is 450 pounds and has tattoos covering his whole upper body. These are not just designs, they are very detailed pictures. He has naked women in graphic positions, his wife's body (naked) and other such tattoos. I am not against tattoos by any means, in fact I have one myself. But when someone comes over to your house, who is court-ordered to work with you to get your kids back, you would think you would go into the other room and put on a shirt, but no, I had to ask this guy to put on a shirt. I told him that I understood it was his house, but it was a respect issue and since we have a professional relationship it would be better if he had a shirt on. He grudgingly put one on. To be honest, I would not have been able to talk to him had he just sat there in all of his tattooed glory! Hmmmmm wonder why I want to switch careers??

Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Summer Read

After perusing Bookslut for a new reccomendations, I decided to settle on something in the "beach chair/easy summer read" category. As long as I am able to stay away from the grocery store titles, everything will be cool... (like those "M" is for Murder books with cat prints on the cover that my mother in law tries to get me to read).

I came across a review for Wifey, which interested me, because, like every average pre-menstrual young Catholic girl, I read Judy Blume and felt mature. I didn't think I'd have to put too much thought into this book, and even though I read it in about 3 hours (life, you ask?), it was actually pretty good and made me think- not about big important issues, necessarily- but about relationships, sex (there's a lot of that in here), and the evolution of the marital roles over time. Set in the late 60's and early 70's chauvinism, submissive wives, and double standards are all the rage.

Read it, you'll like it, and we'll all be happy.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Job Interviews

Hey All, No one has posted in a long time, so here I go. As some of you may or may not know I am taking the real estate licensing class right now, so I am looking to change careers, which is scary in itself. I have an interview tomorrow with Remax and then next week with Tucker. My main point with this post is that interviews are nerve racking and should be outlawed! I understand they are a way for a company to get to know you, besides your resume, but I wish there was an easier way. Maybe its just me, but I get nervous and all worked up and then when I am done I rehash the whole thing and always think of better answers or other things I should have said. UGH!

Other then that not too much is new, I was just sick of seeing the same post on the blog. Oh yeah...my dog Juno goes to doggie daycare once in awhile when I have to work all day and then go to class (Paul is living in Bloomington all summer) and she got her pictures taken there (like school pictures) isn't that so funny?

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